Weekly Update 4/22/19

Andy Johnson
Apr 22 · 4 min read

As we celebrate , developments around the Nano space continue to thrive. Last week we saw Natrium 2.0 land on Android with some new features, Bitcoin Superstore announces new ways to spend Nano and the launch of the My Nano Ninja node API!

Let’s take a minute and catch up with last week’s important updates!

Vacation with Nano and Bitcoin Superstore

has announced a new expansion to their service, with the popular platform now offering users the ability to purchase flights and hotels using Nano.

Already enabling customers to spend Nano at over 200,000 online retailers, also plans to provide its users with the option to purchase groceries with Nano from May onwards.

The ease in which users can make purchases without delay or fees reinforces Nano’s position as the most usable and functional cryptocurrency in the space today.

Since its addition to the Bitcoin Superstore in 2018, Nano quickly became one of the top performing cryptocurrencies on the platform

No node, no fuss, just build — with the Ninja API

Until recently, app developers interested in making full use of the Nano protocol in their projects have needed to create and maintain their own node. Intending to streamline app development, My Nano Ninja has opened up a direct node RPC for developers, saving them the time and effort of running their own.

For more information on how you can start using the My Nano Ninja node API .

Natrium 2.0 is now available on Android — With all new features!

Natrium is celebrated as one of the most popular Nano community wallets, employing a simple user interface that cleverly provides powerful functionality. In advance of the upcoming Solidus release, the Natrium team has been improving the app and introducing compelling new features.

, the updated Natrium 2.0 app is now available on both iOS and Android and includes a shift from xrb_ prefixes to nano_ prefixes and the addition of a refreshing new tool for finding and delegating to a new representative.

This tool allows users to change their wallet’s delegated representative to one with a lower voting weight (if they are so inclined) to further decentralize the Nano network.

Great work guys!

Summarizing Nano Decentralization

Nano community member and Nanoodle.io creator has produced a concise update on the current distribution of voting weight on the Nano network (the function that dictates the level of decentralization). The summary contains information on significant reallocations of voting weight, introduces new representatives and gives general advice on how users can help further decentralize the Nano network.

One of the most important takeaways is the massive voting weight held by Binance and how users can help take ownership of their Nano while at the same time delegating to a new representative. This process has never been quicker or more accessible and this can guide you through in less than 5 minutes!

How to get started with Nano — in under 90 seconds!

has created a video showing just how easy it is to set up a Nano wallet, access a Nano faucet, and begin experiencing the fastest decentralized transfer of value in crypto. A perfect way to show the speed of the network and the smooth services built around it!

Always ensure you record your seed and keep it safe.

My Nano Link arrives

is a simple payment link generator designed to improve the way Nano addresses are displayed online. This new tool allows users to create a link in which they can input their address (and an optional amount of Nano) which will generate a page containing a unique QR code, wallet address, and a deeplink for compatible wallets.

This will help to streamline creator donations addresses by removing clunky links to addresses on Nano block explorers.

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Nano is a secure global digital currency

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Nano is a secure global digital currency