Weekly Update 5/10/19

Andy Johnson
May 10 · 5 min read

The Weekly Update has a shiny new spot, moving from Monday to Friday, meaning you can now expect a regular Nano recap at the end of each week.

As the beta testing of Solidus remains the focus for much of the developer community, there has been no shortage of contributions from elsewhere in the ecosystem. With important updates to popular services and new resources entering the ecosystem to cover, let’s delve into what’s been happening.

Solidus beta testing update

Since going live on the beta network at the end of April, Release Candidate 1 has undergone extensive community testing, which identified several optimizations that were incorporated into a second release candidate. As the testing of Dynamic Proof of Work and Confirmation Height continues, the lead protocol developers will be looking to add the new TCP overlay to a third release candidate expected to hit the beta network next week.

We would like to thank all of the beta testers for their vitally important efforts in helping to prepare Solidus for the final release. If you want to participate in beta testing then you can find all of the required information here.

NanoPaperWallet.com — A new and free-to-use service

On Tuesday, Nano community manager u/RockemSockemJesus presented the community with his newly finished project: NanoPaperWallet.com. As the name suggests, the site is a free to use paper wallet generator for Nano. It presents an opportunity to spread Nano to friends and family in a straightforward, easy to understand way!

When the paper wallet is used with the Natrium wallet “load from paper wallet” feature, users can visually watch their Nanos being swept up from paper to digital form.

An example paperwallet

This process can lend confidence to new users and hopefully will aid in their understanding of the difference between a seed and a public address. Great work Rockem!

Nano turns five!

Every commit from the first 5 years of Nano development

Nano celebrated its fifth year in development since Colin LeMahieau made his first commit to the Nano node on May 1st, 2014. We wrote a short piece highlighting this notable anniversary — there’s even a timeline you can play with at the bottom! Thanks to everyone in the community who have contributed and participated in furthering Nano’s progress in its goal to become the gold standard to what a true cryptocurrency can and should be!

Learn the fundamentals with NanoBasics

NanoBasics have created and shared a simple video tutorial showing users how easy it is to take ownership of the Nano they keep on Binance by withdrawing to their own personal wallet. Many users perceive this to be a complicated process, but the video shows just how easy and intuitive it is to send your Nano to your own wallet!

If you found this easy to do and want to help strengthen the network then consider changing your wallet representative. A couple of minutes is all it takes to contribute to Nano’s decentralization!

Changing your Representative tutorial

As Nano grows and the network matures we expect to see more companies and services with a vested interested in Nano beginning to operate representative nodes. Participation in the decentralization of the network helps to reinforce the security and general resistance of the protocol against bad actors.

This week saw some good movement of voting weight across the network with both Wirex and Houbi Global now operating rebroadcasting representatives on the Nano network.

(Note — at the time of publication Binance have an exchange-wide shutdown of deposits and withdrawals on all assets following a security breach)

Hidden Treasure

u/jayycox provided the Nano community with a new treasure hunt puzzle to solve last week in the form of Colin Pantocrator. Looking past Colin’s chameleon-like ability to meld into every picture imaginable, there was a Nano bounty to be discovered by the lucky sleuth(s) who deciphered the crafty puzzle!

The bulk of the code-cracking was carried out in #treasure-hunt on the Nano Discord, and u/Foffex was kind enough to create a walkthrough on completion of the puzzle.

Congratulations to all involved and in particular @Maarten, who was able to beat the pack to the hidden seed and claim the prize.

Nano Round the Globe wants your help!

u/LukasNDa, creator of the ‘Nano Round Round the Globe — Proof of Concept’ video showing Nano being sent around the world is recruiting anyone interested in contributing to round two of this project.

To improve on the first iteration, more participation in a second version would be happily accepted by Lukas (particularly if you live near a high profile landmark). If you are interested then check out their Reddit thread or jump directly into their Discord!

Nano ecosystem updates

Nano-faucet.org developer u/sraymansmoles, announced updates (including preloading blocks on opening) to his recently minted Nano Visualizer project. In case you missed it, he goes over all the changes here!

The Natrium wallet team has recently updated their server and have reminded the community to share with them any issues, bugs, or problems they have any time with the wallet. For more information, please take a look at their Reddit post.

Improving the technical documentation

Nano has an incredibly active and engaged developer community, and it is of great importance to the development of the ecosystem that they are supported by the best quality documentation possible.

Nano is a new technology, and despite being incredibly lightweight and having an abundance of utility there remains a learning curve to new developers wishing to work with the protocol. Therefore we have undertaken the task of consolidating, reformatting and updating the documentation while also opening them up for community contribution.

You can find out about more details about the project here, and you can use the new #documentation channel on the Nano Discord to join the conversation.

Nano Foundation does not endorse or approve products and/or services used or developed by third parties. Any links to third party software or sites are for informational purposes only. Nano Foundation bears no responsibility for the operability, accuracy, legality or content of third party products and/or services. Any questions regarding third-party material should be directed to that party


Nano is a secure global digital currency

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Nano is a secure global digital currency