Weekly Update 5/17/19

May 17 · 4 min read

This week was a busy one internally here at the Nano Foundation. A new full stack engineer hired, Andy Johnson assumes additional responsibilities through promotion, Solidus testing well on the beta network and a UK meetup announced. With all that in mind, let’s read on!

Calling all UK Nano community members

The Nano Foundation will be hosting a 2-day meetup in London spanning the 18–19th of June, and we are excited to invite those interested in learning more about how Nano works to come and join us.

There will be presentations from core team members and a day-long workshop exploring the ease and accessibility of integrating Nano into a range of unique applications.

Stay tuned, as we will be announcing the location, itinerary and allowing people to reserve their places next week!

A new developer joins the team

The Nano Foundation is excited to announce the newest addition to the team: Marko Sabec. Coming in as our new Full Stack Engineer, Marko’s primary responsibilities will be helping secure, maintain, and expand the various web properties managed by the Nano Foundation.

He will also be providing additional coverage for infrastructure and internal tools and will be helping with other necessary development activities for the network. Welcome to the team, Marko!

Solidus on beta: Testing update

Over the past couple weeks, the beta testers have spent their time and computing power, putting the first two release candidates for V19 through the testing gauntlet. Coming out of that process was a handful of items to be updated related to RPC processes, Dynamic Proof-of-Work and prioritization, and various other minor feature areas. With the upcoming RC 3 build, these items will be resolved, and the anticipated TCP updates will be included.

Once this new testing version is ready, we are looking forward to another heavy round of transactions being pumped onto the beta network for further testing of the effects of these changes.

Thank you to all those who have helped to date and also to those who have been on the sidelines waiting to join the beta network — when RC 3 hits, it’s your time! Study up on these Beta Network details and help us make the Nano network stronger!

Andy Johnson promoted to Communications Manager

As a long time participant in the Nano community, Andy has helped create, manage, and mature some great resources including NanoThings and the The Nano Center. He joined the Nano Foundation back in October to help organize and execute on communication plans, which he has excelled at from day one. Through all this, he has remained a pillar of the community, and his excellent work building out the exceptional moderator and Community Manager teams has made a considerable impact on the Nano ecosystem.

His efforts out in the community are mirrored internally within the Nano Foundation, where his talents continuously help the organization get closer to achieving its ambitious goals. It is because of all this work we are proud to announce the promotion of Andy Johnson to Communications Manager.

Under this new role, he will continue managing our robust community and take on additional communication strategy responsibilities to help carry the Nano network further than ever before. Congratulations Andy!

Reddit Spotlight: Decentralization.

Decentralizing the Nano network is something we can all get behind. Here at the Nano Foundation, we discuss and stress its importance because it makes the network safer and more secure — all while only taking a few minutes to delegate your wallet’s representative. u/arranharty provided another detailed and thorough summation of the Nano network’s current node distribution weight. It’s a fantastic explanation of where we stand today, what each of us can do to improve Nano decentralization, and opens the door to discussion on how to improve! A must read!

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Nano is a secure global digital currency