Weekly Update 5/24/19

Andy Johnson
May 24 · 3 min read

The Nano ecosystem has seen lots of encouraging developments since our last update. With new services, resources, and announcements to cover, let’s get into it!

Nano documentation overhaul

Achieving high quality and comprehensive literature resources for developers working with Nano is a core goal of the Nano Foundation and is something we have recently focused on improving. With the help of the community of Nano developers, we have significantly enhanced our protocol documentation, all of which can now be found at docs.nano.org.

The accuracy, accessibility, and readability of our documents are paramount to us, so if you have a question about any of the new updates or wish to help improve the standard of the documentation, then don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our community managers!

Snapy.io launches

Snapy.io, a new Nano node API, was welcomed into the ecosystem this week. In a bid to lower the initial barriers to developing and integrating on the Nano network, Snapy provides free service with unlimited calls to developers wishing to get a quick head start working with the Nano protocol.

As creator Mike Doyle explains, users can register at Snapy.io and get to work with Nano straight away! The team has assured users that it will be well maintained and progressively more feature rich — so that developers can focus on their task — developing!

Mike shares much more information and insights on Snapy.io in his recent Medium post.

BrainBlocks first beta wallet released

Gus Russell, Chief Operation Officer at BrainBlocks, shared some details with the community involving their beta wallet release this week. As beta testing progresses, Gus explains that his team intends to add many features to their new wallet. If you are interested in participating in the beta tests, head on over to brainblocks.io/launch-signup!

Solidus Release Candidate 3 (RC3) arrives

On Wednesday, the Solidus RC3 launched on the beta network. With the addition of the TCP overlay to this build, we are excited to monitor testing in advance of the Solidus rollout onto the main net. Solidus brings with it substantial updates to the Nano network — check out our feature analysis here.

ComoNext roundtable discussion

Italian startup incubator ComoNext is holding a roundtable talk on cryptocurrency and its potential in digital business transformation. Nano founder Colin LeMahieu will be attending the event near Milan next week. We look forward to Colin discussing the virtues of Nano as a peer to peer digital currency with other progressive thinkers.

New NanoCenter project announced — Unity 3D

This week u/fabloisgone posted his intention of developing a Unity3D plugin to make Nano accessible to game developers across a spectrum of game platforms. As Nano has shown to be an effective in-game micropayment platform, the community embraced the idea of this expanding to more modern platforms like Unity3D.

With the specific goal of making Nano more accessible to developers outside of the crypto space, the nano community was quick to assist u/fabloisgone in putting a proposal together to the Nano Center.

The proposal is now live, and anyone wishing to offer support can find more details here.

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Nano is a secure global digital currency