Weekly Update 6/21/19 — UK Meetup Special

Andy Johnson
Jun 21 · 6 min read

What a fantastic week for the Nano ecosystem! We saw a convergence of community members, core team members, and various speakers at our Nano UK meetup. It was a resounding success — turnout was fantastic despite the typical British weather — and we couldn’t be happier with the outpouring of support and participation from everyone involved. Our team continues to be humbled by the passion and enthusiasm shown by this community!

We’ve summarized the major highlights of the meetup below.

Nano UK Meetup Recap

Conference Day

Nano Foundation Project Manager Zach Hyatt welcomed everyone in attendance with a short introduction to Nano, the Nano Foundation, and its team before Colin LeMahieu sat down for an on-stage interview with Financial Times currency correspondent Eva Szalay.

Up next was Nano Foundation advisor Andy Woolmer, delivering an informative presentation on the current foreign exchange market and the opportunities presented by fee-less and ultrafast digital transfer of value.

Wirex CEO Pavel Mateev took to the stage afterward to discuss some of the challenges his company has faced in working to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional fiat currencies over the last five years. Pavel also took some time to outline Wirex’s intent to expand its services beyond Europe — to North America, Asia, and even Africa.

Head of IT Law at Wedlake Bell, Adam Edwards, then provided a comprehensive analysis of the current regulatory status of cryptocurrency within the UK. He identified some essential differentiating factors that separate Nano from other proposed solutions towards the digital transfer of value. A great talk — followed by an insightful Q&A — helped to communicate some of the grander hurdles to be overcome in the path towards more mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

Following lunch, Nano Foundation Chief Operating Officer George Coxon sat down with Richard Reed, Co-Founder of innocent Drinks and JamJar investments. They talked about how Richard and his colleagues managed to turn a small pop up smoothie stand into a nationally recognized label within the United Kingdom. Drawing similarities with the modest resources and broad ambitions of Nano — it was a fascinating insight into the David vs. Goliath approach in creating brand awareness in a competitive space with limited resources.

Cutting-edge electronic point-of-sale device company, Kappture, presented their alpha integration of Nano into its merchant devices. The integration will mark the forward-thinking company’s first venture into offering users the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency. With highly regarded institutions such as Saïd Business School and the University of West London among the users of the EPoS system, this integration will represent a significant step forward in the discovery of natural use cases of secure and decentralized cryptocurrency — with the ultrafast and fee-less transactions of Nano leading the way.

Popular Scottish craft beer company BrewDog was represented by Martin Dempster, VP of Innovation, who discussed the company’s open attitude towards accepting cryptocurrency and the value of engaging communities to seed change. Focusing on the hurdles faced by hospitality companies in efficiently accepting cryptocurrency payments, Martin noted difficulties such as disparities between available wallet functionalities, network unreliability, and the less than intuitive UX when running a busy bar. This presentation offered some critical points to consider when streamlining the process for users and merchants alike.

The much-anticipated unveiling of the Appia payment ecosystem capped the days' proceedings. Appia is a crypto agnostic service providing, amongst many other things, signed payment requests for strong customer protection. Built on the new Manta protocol, Appia focuses on security, privacy, and multi-channel capability. Appia will help simplify the process of both paying with cryptocurrency as a consumer and accepting it as a merchant.

Workshop Day

Changing pace on Wednesday, some interesting Nano applications were presented for the attendees to get their hands on. Nano arcade style Space Invaders and Nano Quake provided the opportunity to see and experience seamless in-game cryptocurrency micropayments — a wonderfully elegant use-case for the Nano protocol.

The ability to convert small change into Nano was showcased by the Nano Penny exchange, a proof of concept device that takes advantage of the speed of Nano to provide a convenient and efficient experience for the user. ‘Jayycox’ of the Nano Center showed attendees how to put together the basic and portable Nano activated switch hardware that drives these interesting use-cases.

The afternoon saw an informal discussion between the community and core team on the hurdles facing cryptocurrency and Nano in general, and the empowering and disruptive opportunities overcoming these challenges will provide.

Full how-tos will be provided on the various hardware pieces present at the meetup over the coming weeks, allowing developers and engineers to create their integrations using the underlying systems.

Thank you!

All of us here at the Nano Foundation would like to extend a final heartfelt thanks to everyone involved — those in attendance, community contributors both in-person and remote, all of the guest speakers, and the great hosts from Behind the Bike Shed.

We are excited to share all of the great content from the meetup with the broader community and will be posting videos of the presentations and workshops throughout the coming weeks.

Other News from around the Nano ecosystem

Outside of the event, BrainBlocks’ wallet entered open beta, a new network explorer emerged, and Nano Center offered up a new project.

BrainBlocks wallet enters open beta

BrainBlocks new wallet has moved from closed beta to open beta. They are looking for testers within the community to work out the kinks as they push forward towards eventual release. Brainblocks COO Angus Russell’s original announcement of the beta can be found here. Angus encourages users interested in participating in the beta to join directly at https://app.brainblocks.io.

A new graphical explorer arrives: nanoverse.io

A new option to visualize the network was announced this week. Nanoverse.io gives a fresh perspective on the Nano graphical explorer, utilizing simple arrows to track sends and receives on the network. Take a look; it’s simple and easy to follow the journey of your favorites Nanos!

Nano Center offers up a new project

To spread the awareness of Nano on Reddit, the Nano Center has created a new project in coordination with r/millionairemakers. You can find Nano Center ambassador and Nano Community Manager RockmSockmJesus’ original project post here, as well as the full project details on the Nano Center website.

Reddit Thread of the Week

One of the fun highlights of the Nano meetup was the Space Invader arcade game created by ‘jayycox’. Users could scan the QR code, send the entry fee, and start playing! Another fantastic example of how easy it is to integrate the Nano currency into working devices. Thanks for sharing u/nanoissuperior!


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