Weekly Update 6/28/19

Andy Johnson
Jun 28 · 3 min read

As we wrap up another week, it’s time for our Weekly Update! This week saw Nano Founder Colin LeMahieu joining the Crypto 101 podcast to talk about all things Nano and after showcasing a suite of ingenious hardware implementations based on the Nano protocol at the recent UK meetup, we have some simple build guides to share!

Crypto101Pod hosts Nano founder

Colin joined the Crypto 101 podcast to talk about the origins of Nano and how it addresses the issues of long transaction times, fees, and reliance on mining in cryptocurrency. An excellent introduction for anyone wanting to learn more!

Lots came up for discussion on the podcast — give it a listen if you have the time. u/Qwahzi over on the Nano subreddit provided a helpful summary of some of the highlights of the interview for those unable to listen.

Nano penny exchange

One of the most interesting projects shown off at the meetup was the Nano Penny Exchange. Using the device, users can scan their Nano wallet QR code, insert their spare change, and be immediately paid out in Nanos to their corresponding wallet! There is even a step-by-step explainer.

The quick and convenient conversion represents a ton of potential use-cases — as discussed in TheMerkle’s article — and a great visual representation of old money becoming new money!

How to put Nano into the world

Underpinning a whole range of Nano hardware implementations is a simple trigger device. NanoCenter prototyper James Coxon details how you can make your own with this accessible step-by-step build guide. The trigger will parse any transactions to a particular address and depending on set criteria, will set off an event. As he goes on to explain, the trigger could be used in many different ways, including a transaction tracker, parking meter, Airbnb rental door unlocker, and more! Without too much extrapolation we can see how many different case-uses this device can have!

Solidus beta-testing shows promise

The core team and community beta testers have been hard at work over the last few weeks, putting some of the final touches on Nano’s most ambitious and feature-rich release to date.

Following successful testing of Dynamic Proof of Work — the new spam mitigation feature added to the node — work has now begun on measuring the effectiveness of cementing blocks during heavy load.

This chart shows confirmation time under the load of 100 transactions per second during a test of RC5. This is not a stress test or reflection of any upper bounds of the network’s capability.

We want to thank all of the beta testers for their continued hard work and support throughout the testing process. If you would like to support development by helping to test the node release candidates, then join our #beta-net channel on Discord and to find out how to participate!


Nano is a secure global digital currency

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Nano is a secure global digital currency