Weekly Update 7/5/19

Andy Johnson
Jul 5 · 3 min read

Welcome to your Weekly Nano Update. There is plenty to catch up on since last week, with more developments from Kappture, a new hire at the Nano Foundation, a NY “meat-up” and plenty more to take a look at. Let’s get straight into it.

Kappture On Their Decision to Exclusively Integrate Nano

After demonstrating their alpha integration of Nano in their cutting-edge electronic point of sale devices, the Kappture team has laid out the logic behind their decision in an impressive ‘off-white paper.’

Within the recently released document is a breakdown of their decision to choose Nano, diagrams of how they intend to implement Nano transactions, and other important information designed to help executives and developers understand how to overcome some of the technical and economic challenges related to integrating cryptocurrency payments into their businesses.

We are excited to see an established payments company like Kappture identify the clear benefits accepting Nano can provide to their merchant clients.

We are looking forward to more news coming out of the Kappture camp as their Nano launch approaches.

Nano Foundation Comms Team Grows

As the Nano ecosystem continues to expand, we want to ensure that we are present and able to provide the right amount of support and coordination with services — both new and established. This includes journalists, community initiatives, and the Nano community which underpins everything we are doing.

Accordingly, the Nano Foundation is pleased to welcome Brian White as the newest addition to the communications team. With experience at all levels of the Nano community team and a long tenure as a NanoCenter ambassador, Brian has been a pivotal asset in the development of the Nano community and ecosystem.

He will use his intricate knowledge and experience to focus on helping to coordinate and deliver our core message across all platforms and act as another point of contact for both the community and interested services.

Lovers of Steak and Nano Unite

The Nano community in the New York area took the bull by the horns following the UK meet-up and had a “meat-up” of their own. Visiting Affy’s Premium Grill to talk Nano over some steak and drinks, the attendees seemed to have a great time and enjoyed being able to pay with Nano.

We hope the positive energy continues to flow around the community! There have already been discussions of further community meet-ups in India and the United States. A wonderful sense of momentum is building within the amazing Nano community — let’s keep it going!

A NanoSMS Update

Following a concerted push to research the viability of pushing out a 2g-based Nano SMS service last year, there has been a slow down on progress as some difficult barriers have been identified. The findings suggest that a rollout of a working 2g service would be possible in various countries around the world, but would all fail to provide the necessary security to ensure the protection of the users who engaged with the service.

A considered decision was made by the NanoCenter team to suspend the project and outline the points of resistance to the broader cryptocurrency community in a detailed blog post that can be found here.

Other News From Around The Nano Ecosystem

We have seen the continued successful testing of the Solidus v19 release candidates on the beta network this week. Some of the final tweaks are being made with the much-anticipated release. You can follow along on Github or the beta-net channel on Discord to stay up to date with all the progress and testing!

Dedicated community manager Joohansson has put together another compilation of all of the essential news and developments from June into a useful thread on Reddit — so if you want to catch up on last month, be sure to check out the thread.


Nano is a secure global digital currency

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Nano is a secure global digital currency