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Kappture Representing on the Nano Network

Earlier this week Kappture Chief Technology Officer Neil Haran indicated their intention to support the decentralization of the Nano network with the launch of a very well resourced representative node:

Nano users are the driving force of decentralization on the network. This was highlighted when within hours, enough conscientious Nano users delegated their voting weight to the new representative(find out how) for it to reach Principal Representative status. This pushed the total amount of decentralizing representatives closer to 100, with 95 now above the required delegated weight.

Kappture maintained its’s momentum, posting a new video of a user paying in Nano at one of their electronic point of sale (EPOS) devices. Only this time they didn’t scan a QR code — the transaction was handled via Near Field Communication (NFC)!

The contactless functionality was very quickly added to the popular community wallet Natrium:

It is encouraging to see important community entities working together to drive innovation forward with such intent and purpose, an excellent week for the Nano ecosystem.

The Nano Foundation adds a new member

Long-standing community manager, Guilherme Lawless (AKA ‘dotcom’) has joined the Nano Foundation this week and will occupy a unique role supporting various technical and organizational areas. He will work on protocol development, documentation efforts, technical coordination, and continued evaluation and testing of development on the beta network.

Guilherme brings a unique set of technical and personal skills and will be a tremendous technical bridge between the Nano Foundation and the community, improving our collaboration and transparency across the board.

We are confident will be an asset to the team — both now and in the future — Welcome to the team Guilherme!

More Nano UK meetup videos release

Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to release two more videos from our meetup in June.

Nano founder Colin LeMahieu sat down with Financial Times Currency Correspondent Eva Szalay to talk about a number of Nano topics. The two discuss Nano’s goals and what role it may play in the future global financial sector.

We are also pleased to be able to share the engaging Kappture presentation. Neil Haran discussed why his cutting edge point of sale company chose Nano and outlined their future integration plans. He even treated the audience to a live demonstration.

Make sure you subscribe to our channel to see a host of other videos from the meetup and be the first to see our newest videos :

New NanoCenter Project Funded

A new Nano Center project was announced and funded this week: Google Ads Display Promotion. You may remember the original Google Ads campaign run by the same u/Kojoslayer last year. It saw impressive results upon its completion — with a modest budget.

We are looking forward to following the campaign and will closely monitor its performance. Congratulations to the NanoCenter for another funded proposal and a big shout out to the enthusiastic community members who have supported it!

Community updates

NanoVault upgrade needed

NanoVault creator u/cronoh has asked all of his wallet users to upgrade to version 1.2.0 of NanoVault whenever possible following the recent prefix changes from _xrb to _nano. If you use the desktop application, then you are advised to update to maintain a quality service.

Nano Round the Globe

Earlier this year, Colin participated in a ‘Nano Round the Globe’ YouTube event, where users sent 1 Nano around the world within a few minutes. It was a fun event showcasing the pure speed of Nano — and it’s happening again tomorrow! Take two of this event promises a larger participant group with even more countries to be showcased. Want to get involved? Run over to their Discord server and introduce yourself.

In case you missed it

Community Manager Json announced an entirely novel way to interact and play with Nano: Nanocards. Users can print out or order their own deck of Nano playing cards to compete with friends over real Nano. The first game of its kind.

On why Json created NanoCards:

It’s a replacement of typical FIAT betting and is a fun (I hope) and educational way to get introduced to crypto and you don’t need physical coins! Nano allows the process to be secure, fast and feeless which is essential to this game.

This concludes another energetic week in the Nano ecosystem, and we are excited to maintain this momentum into August and beyond. Thanks for reading!

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Nano is a secure global digital currency

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Nano is a secure global digital currency

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