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Aug 9 · 3 min read

Decentralization drives the update this week as we shine a light on some community analysis of the network and the ever-growing list of Principal Representatives securing it. We also take a look at the Wirex CEO’s presentation from our meetup earlier this summer and catch up with updates from around the Nano ecosystem.

Principal Representatives revisited

Community member u/arranHarty has provided another thorough assessment of the overall decentralization of the Nano network and Principal Representative list. Following recent clarifications on the voting weight threshold towards becoming a Principal Representative, we have seen the total number jump up to 97!

Complimenting this comprehensive overview, u/Roconda posted the thread of the week, analyzing the geographical spread of Nano nodes on the network and their respective VPS providers. There are now more than 300 Nano nodes in over 30 countries.

We are seeing more and more people capitalize on the opportunity to make Nano stronger. As awareness grows among the Nano community in how users can further secure the network with a few simple clicks, more people are making an effort to contribute.

We are fast approaching 100 Principal Representatives! If you want to help secure the network but have no idea where to start — don’t worry — the process is ultra-fast and you can follow this great video from the Nano Center:

George Coxon featured in a new blockchain report

Nano Foundation Chief Operating Officer, George Coxon, has recently been featured in the Zage Blockchain Report where she shares her thoughts on real-world applications of blockchain technology.

Visit to download a copy of this 255-page report with over 100 other contributors sharing their own insights on blockchain technology.

Pavel Matveev presents Wirex at the UK meetup

This week we added another video presentation to our YouTube channel: The Story of Wirex’s Past, Present, and Future.

Wirex CEO Pavel Matveev spoke to his company’s origins, recent developments, and where they plan on taking digital currency payments in the future. Pavel offered insight into the Wirex road map, where Nano fits in, and how he sees the industry evolving as adoption increases.

For those short of time, Nano enthusiast Patrick Luberus (u/Qwazhi) provided a useful summary of the presentation on the Nano subreddit. Another quality contribution from an incredibly involved community member — thank you!

Brainblocks wallet leaves beta and goes live

Brainblocks have released their new web wallet from beta-testing and it is now available for all to use. Anyone interested in checking out their brand-new wallet can head over to the BrainBlocks website to get started.

It’ great to see another well-presented wallet enter the Nano ecosystem!

Community Updates


The hugely popular wallet was updated this week. It brings a host of fixes to the Nano Ledger integration and adds support for vanity accounts on the web wallet. A fantastic community resource just keeps on getting better — thank you for the hard work u/Cronoh.

NanoLinks hides birthday treasure

Community Manager and creator of the most comprehensive repository of Nano community projects and services u/Joohansson celebrated NanoLinks’s first birthday this week. To commemorate the occasion, an elaborate treasure hunt was created for the Nano community to dissect.

The energy and determination of Nano treasure hunters have no equal, and the bounty was discovered within a day, despite some friendly accusations the hunt was preposterously tricky.

The puzzle covered a broad range of resources, Nano applications and even a hidden QR on the Appian house — a full walkthrough of the solution can be found here.

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Nano is a secure global digital currency

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Nano is a secure global digital currency

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