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This week we recognize a few fantastic demonstrations of Nano as a digital money, and the Nano founder heads to Texas later this month for another talk, this time at Austin Startup Week 2019.

Nano is the most used digital currency on a popular live-stream

With over 400 transactions at the time of writing, Nano is by far the most used digital money for feeding birds on an interactive live stream recently created by YouTuber Mr. Dove. The live-stream has proved so popular that it made the news this week on Yahoo Finance.

The bird feeder accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, as well as Nano, and since its inception cryptocurrency users can appreciate both the beautiful sounds of bird song as well as the characteristics of their digital money of choice. Follow along here to watch the live stream.

Nano heading to Austin Startup Week 2019

Nano Founder Colin LeMahieu will be speaking at another event in Austin this month, this time at Austin Startup Week 2019. Colin will be joined by Zach Hyatt, another Austin native and project manager for the Nano Foundation, to speak on “Beyond Basic Blockchains”. The event is on September 23rd and can be found here, it’s also free to register and attend!

Started in 2011, Austin Startup Week is dedicated to celebrating Austin startups, and each year the Austin startup community recognizes and meets up with selected organizations throughout the week to share their innovations and thoughts. We are excited to see you there!

This event comes around a week after the Texas Blockchain Summit and our ‘Beers with Colin’ event, also held in Austin. So come stay a while and enjoy some beer and Nano talks.

NanoQuakeJS — Now on your web browser

The ever-popular NanoQuake game, which has inspired many within the Nano community to make more plugins and games, has a new implementation which allows anyone to play NanoQuake from their browser.

This new iteration of Quake started as a way to demonstrate the feasibility of playing games through a web browser, and now has the added fun of playing for Nano. Read more about the project announcement here.

Nano founder interviewed on CryptoFinder

This week Nano Founder Colin LeMahieu was also featured on CryptoFinder and fielded questions regarding the technical aspects of the digital money. CryptoFinder is a platform and YouTube channel dedicated to teaching individuals about specific digital currencies, exchanges, and services. To watch the deep-diving interview on YouTube, click here.

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The best place for all of the latest Nano updates, developments and interviews. Brought to you by the Nano Foundation.

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The best place for all of the latest Nano updates, developments and interviews. Brought to you by the Nano Foundation.

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