Why Nano is the best digital currency for charitable donations

Philanthropic organisations are discovering the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency donations, opening a pathway for Nano to become the go-to digital currency for global charitable donations.

Naome Jones
Jul 14 · 6 min read

Feeless, instant and environmentally-friendly transactions, are just some of the attributes that make Nano the ideal currency for social enterprise and charitable causes, as well as the potential to boost transparency and trust in charities due to the ability to publically track transactions on the ledger.

In this spotlight interview, we shine a light on exactly how this can be achieved following an inspirational Covid-19 relief Twitter campaign led by Nano community members, Alisha and donatee NanoByTheBay.


Alisha, you have an active presence within the Nano Twitter Community; tell us a little about yourself and your journey with Nano.

Alisha: My name is Alisha, and I’m 24. I come from a small village in the northeast of the India-Nepal border. One day whilst using Twitter, I came across the Nano faucet. I was curious to know more, so I started spending more time on Twitter to learn more. I would sometimes receive tips for tweeting about Nano and even won a few giveaway contests, but what ultimately kept my attention was the incredible Nano community.

NanoByTheBay: I’m NanoByTheBay located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and prefer to remain pseudonymous per Balaji S. Srinivasan’s vision of the future of identity.

Your Covid-19 charitable relief campaign has garnered significant attention online from the Nano community. How did you get started and what you have achieved since launch?

Alisha: It started when a family friend tested positive for Covid-19. We collected some funds together to help him with medical supplies. Only then did we realise the number of people in our community financially affected by the pandemic.

Initially, we wanted to help to prevent the spread, I, along with four friends distributed approximately 5000 masks in early June and haven’t looked back since. We have progressed onto distributing daily essentials like rice, wheat, oil, sugar, salt to those in need and have provided relief to over 1300 people.


We also provided a scholarship to a 15-year-old boy who dropped out of school due to financial hardship caused by Covid-19 — this is something we’re all really proud about.

So far we’ve received approximately 90 Nano in donations and counting, as well as an overwhelming amount of support from people in our local community.

NanobyTheBay, you’re known for having a positive presence in the Nano Community, you were also an advocate for Alisha’s Covid-19 relief campaign. What caught your attention, and how did you get involved?

Nanobythebay: A few months ago, Alisha and I discussed the importance of doing good in the world without expecting anything in return. I was pleasantly surprised to learn from Alisha’s posts that she has taken the act of giving one step further by distributing masks and food to her Covid-19 affected community.

After learning about how Covid-19 hit her family, my initial intention was to help her personally. Alisha is located in Darjeeling, and money can go pretty far in that part of the world.

Alisha, why did you choose to accept Nano donations over other digital currencies for your campaign?

Alisha: We have chosen Nano for our campaigns because of its technology, fundamentals, and community. We strongly believe that Nano will be the future of digital payments.

NanoByTheBay: I decided to donate in Nano because it’s my primary store of value besides my home! I initially picked it because it works better as a medium of exchange compared to other digital currencies. I can send whatever amount, whenever I want, with no fees, instantly.

Thanks to the growth of the tools and resources available in the Nano ecosystem, there is a range of platforms facilitating Nano donations. One of the most prominent is The Nano Tip Bot, a social media tipping tool that some would say was the inspiration behind Twitter’s recently launched TipJar.

Can you tell us a little more about why you chose Twitter as your primary donation platform?

Alisha: When I was a newcomer, the Nano Twitter community welcomed me, gave constant encouragement and also shared the tips that helped to make this campaign a success. This is why I chose Twitter as my primary channel of communication and platform to accept donations.

NanoByTheBay: Donating via Nano Tip Bot was just too easy! It’s on-chain, non-custodial, feeless, and instant.

What is your advice for charities hoping to accept cryptocurrencies like nano as a payment method for charitable donations in the future?

NanobytheBay: We have the remarkable opportunity to bank the next billion with this Nano, but that depends on every one of us rolling up our shirtsleeves to render services to others.

My advice would be to take advantage of Nano’s ability to perform microtransactions and start small. Do whatever good thing you can do with Nano today to make a difference in just one person’s life.

Alisha, I think we can all agree that what you’ve achieved thus far is phenomenal. Can you give us a peek into what’s next for your team?

Alisha: We’re still growing and exploring ways to promote Nano and help adoption on a bigger scale. Currently, we are working on building a solid team and are working towards establishing an organisation.

We’ve also started working toward establishing our social enterprise with the production of items like wallets, bags, masks made out of 100% hemp; and would eventually like to move towards promoting sustainable energy initiatives.

With the help of Nano, we are not only able to connect with our community but to the whole world. This is just the beginning. Together we can do so much more.

Thank you to you both for your inspirational work, and we look forward to following your progress over the coming months. You can follow Alisha and NanoByTheBay on Twitter, and if you are feeling charitable, you can donate to this cause here:

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