How to convince a target group with VR — ING & Nanopixel

Every company has the same goal: convincing potential clients of their product or service. There are different ways to convince a customer. However, there are many competitors on the market: it’s a constant challenge to catch the eye of your target group. Just having a quality product or service is not enough — using all traditional marketing instruments available often doesn’t suffice either. You can give all the information about something you want, sum up all the advantages too; the best way to convince a target group is when you can make them really experience these benefits. As the expression says, seeing is believing. And I’m not talking about the annoying and flat publicity spots for cleaning products! I’m talking about really participating in something and discovering what a product or service can mean for you.

Rousing entrepreneurs for digital payment solutions

A virtual experience is almost as powerful as a real one. That’s why Nanopixel developed a VR experience for ING. The goal was to make entrepreneurs and startup companies familiar with the benefits of several new online financial solutions. We’re talking about ING’s ePay and invoice solutions and their partnerships with Payconiq (a mobile payment app) and JOYN (a digital loyalty card). For this VR experience we used the HTC vive.

How we did it

The VR experience takes the entrepreneur on a virtual journey — for a moment he becomes a chocolatier. In the beginning the viewer is presented with a selection menu, where he can choose between the four previously named solutions. Every option simulates a realistic context. You find yourself behind a counter and each time you get confronted with an inconvenient situation. For ePay it becomes clear how much time you can save by receiving payments online. As a salesman in this virtual reality, you need to push an orange button an amount of times before you get all your money, whereafter it’s illustrated how you get one big vault loaded with money in only one push on the button because of ePay.

The advantage of invoice solutions is made clear by a little game. On the left side of the person is an open chest with boxes, and right before him on the counter, there are invoices in different colours. The user then gets the task to sort the invoices in the boxes. However, this starts to begin like an unfeasible job, because after a few moments the invoices are quickly starting to pile up and you have to be quick because time is running out! In this way it is shown how, with invoice solutions, you can easily manage your invoices online —something that’s very much time saving, think about the paperwork!

The benefits of the other digital solutions, Payconiq and JOYN, are also proved in a very clear way. With Payconiq, there’s a customer entering who wants to pay with a lot of change. Next up it’s your task to store the money in the cash register. Soon you notice the intention here too; it’s not very convenient to do this every time. On the other hand, the client who pays with the Payconiq app next is handled in no time. With JOYN, the digital loyalty card, a customer enters with his wallet full of loyalty cards. You get the assignment to choose the right one. After a few moments you’re told which is the right one. As a customer it’s a hassle with all these different cards. This way the idea of having one loyalty card for different shops is powerfully shown, but that’s not where this stops. De customer who enters is someone without a face. You’re told that it might just be his/her birthday today, or that he/she is a frequent visitor of your store without you realizing it. A missed opportunity for the store manager to give him something extra and bind him even more to his business. With a digital loyalty card, these data is automatically collected and you never miss an opportunity. The VR experience’s mission succeeds once again!

Virtual reality as a sales tool

Used this way, VR can be a very successful sales tool. What’s a better way to make something clear to someone than making him experience it in real-time? A factual numeration of all the advantages, or even a nice movie that illustrates everything, can hardly be as convincing. With virtual reality, you’re always 100% with your mind with the actual experience and it leaves a lasting impression. That’s why we strongly believe that in many cases real time rendering is the-way-to-go!

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