The Blood Doll

NaNoWriMo : A Little Heart to Heart.

These past weeks have been hectic and inspiring, not least for stream of hearts I find every time I get a Medium notification, and especially the lovely, surprising show of support in the past couple of days for my taking on the NaNoWriMo challenge. This is a major turning point for me. I’ve struggled for decades with the idea of an audience and finding I have readers at all, has always taken me by surprise. Now I am taking the plunge. I am doing something I have never done: joining in. Despite a rocky start here on Medium, you have changed how I think about writing and who the writer of me is. I’d click every heart by turn with immense gratitude if I could. Instead, this is for each of you: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

SF Ali, you are exceptional, don’t you dare ever think otherwise. I don’t think anyone hearts as much as you do. Wild Flower, I am so glad you’re back; you’re far more special than you know. Blessings and I’d like to think we’ll become friends. Jason Stelzner, hugs and more … Sara Benincasa, all your food for thought, turns this place into an endless banquet of ideas, served with panache and long overdue humour. You’re a feast. Tremaine L. Loadholt, what is there left to say that others have not already said? Admiration in Triple A. Tamyka Bell, between all your hearts and highlights, it’s hard not to feel bushy-tailed every day. Zac Chapepa 💫 Thank you for the invite. I’ll be with you there soon again. Menkeroth, Ich habe nicht vergessen.. x BHD, blowing kisses of gratitude your way; promise I’ll be catching up. Lynette Kaufer, for your kind comments and taking the time for them. Garnet-Shaw, no words.

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You are my imperceptible transition,my new earthing, my berth.

The anchor by which the bay of all I am becoming, might seam

the shore of a common heart, drawn on the last and very first page

of my living… to the soft grove of my sleep.

With love and in gratitude. R x