Are We Out of the Woods?

NaNoWriMo 2015 Day 13

My hands sort of feel like the ones in the picture look after typing all of those words…

Without getting much into talking about my actual story, it seems that my characters have been somewhat stuck in the woods for the past few days, actually for most of the days. They have a good reason for being in there, but as far as background and scenery are concerned, all I can see right now are trees, trees, trees!

Whenever I sit down to write, it can be easy to get into that same sort of mindset, only seeing the trees and forgetting about the bigger forest, or story, if you will. If I am not careful I can let my characters get too bogged down in trying to solve their most pressing issue or problem, and completely forget that there is a larger, more important issue that they need to worry about too.

Let’s have fun playing in the woods, but don’t miss the story that is out there for all of the trees that might be in the way.

Day 13: 2,186 words.

Total so far: 28,027 words.

Happy writing, NaNoWriMoers!

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Day One — 1,854 words
Day Two — 2,038 words
Day Three — 1,715 words
Day Four — 2,177 words
Day Five — 1,798 words
Day Six — 1,987 words
Day Seven — 3,966 words
Day Eight — 2,226 words
Day Nine — 1,848 words
Day Ten — 2,067 words
Day Eleven — 1,991 words
Day Twelve — 2,174 words