Camp Nano is just around the corner!

8 days and counting until the July Camp Nanowrimo begins. I am so excited! I am in a very large cabin of peers from a Facebook writing group. I have been plotting out my story, preparing to hit the ground running.

My story isn't exactly unique. It has the death of a family member, an unexpected adventure, a quest with layers of purpose, and of course a bus turned into a home.

Why am I excited then? why do I see a future in this project? Well, a few reasons. First of all, the story begins in West Virginia. The cousins arent spoiled, but isolated. They get to travel the country on almost a treasure hunt.

That’s where it gets unique and exciting. I hope to eventually develop this story into something interactive. I may reveal more of my master plan another day. Until then I must plot and plan. Bwahaha.

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