Day 25, #NaNoWriMo: Make a Playlist

Anytime I’m stuck, I make a playlist for my character. I try to think about what kind of music he’d put on this playlist. What would he do when he was listening to this music? Where would he listen? Would he dance? Sing?

Get inspired. Use the music to break any blocks. Think of your story in terms of a song. Listen to the stories in the songs you’ve picked. Where is the tension? How can you use this to inform your story?

In the book I just completed, I listened to gangster rap while I wrote certain parts. This is not my normal music of choice, but it helped me get into my character. My fingers typed to the beat. I banged aggressively at the keyboard. My character was angry. I was angry. Here me roar/write.

Go for a walk and listen to your character’s music. Then, sit down and write to it. See what happens.

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