Day 26, #NaNoWriMo: Morning pages

I know you’re probably thinking I don’t have time to do morning pages. I have to work on my book. I can’t be fiddling around. I’ve got four days!!

Morning pages will take the edge off. If you’re feeling pressured to get this book finished, spending fifteen minutes of free writing, unloading any life pressures, melding your life with your characters’ lives slowly, it will help you. It won’t be wasted time because you’ll hit the pages with more creativity than you otherwise would have.

Despite the name, morning pages don’t have to happen in the morning, though some people say you’re more creative in the morning. I would suggest that this depends on the person and the stage of life of the writer. Some people don’t wake up until noon. Do it when your brain feels most alive.

In case you’re confused by the concept, the idea is you just keep your hand moving across the page and you write until your hand feels like it’s going to fall off. Most people handwrite, but you can type. Whatever feels more creative. You write stories, memories, ideas, whatever comes to your mind. Sometimes it will be an incredible addition to your work in progress. Or it will be something entirely new. Other times it will be blah, blah, blah, complain, complain, complain. It doesn’t matter. The more you write morning pages without stopping your pen to self-edit, the more creative your story telling will become. And in fact, I would suggest that it will make your entire life more creative whether or not you are a “writer”.

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