Day 27, #NaNoWriMo: Stop Talking About Your Book

When I get a new idea for a book or a character, I want to tell someone right away. Oh glorious day, I have an idea! It’s a beautiful, perfect idea. However, I hold it inside because it is exactly this energy that makes me want to write and gives me that passion and makes my fingers fly across the keyboard.

I’ve done the opposite too; I’ll tell someone before my idea’s fleshed out, before a single word is on the page. Even to my own ears, my idea seems lame. I’m not ready to communicate it yet, but I did, and now their reaction sucks away my enthusiasm. I’m stubborn, so I might say to myself, well, never mind that person, they have no taste, I will write it anyway. But I’m no longer convinced of the brilliance of the idea. I doubt myself. Usually, the idea dies a quick death; like the evil witch of the west in the Wizard of Oz, water is thrown on it, and it melts into the floor.

Sharing runs counter to the creative process. Only tell people about your idea for your book when you’re done. In fact, don’t even tell people you’re writing a book. It smells too much of a dream, and people love to shut down dreams. Hold your writing like a baby bird cupped in your hand, and share it when you are finished.

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