End Of The Road, Day 15

I was struggling to write the past week. I felt like someone had pulled the plug and shut down all the lights, knocking my story out of the light and path I had set for it. I had a fixed goal. I could reach it in good time, but things took a sudden, unexpected turn and derailed all my plans.

I was forced to take some time off and rethink whether I could still continue. I had a small window to decide and a big decision to make. But I dusted myself up and decided to finish down the path I had started. I just don’t have the will to quit when I feel right about something, and since I started off with nothing, it was incredible to have an entire story that morphed out of nowhere and became something I couldn’t stay away from.

That’s not something you can walk away from. I mean you can, but there’s a high chance you’ll regret it down the road. You’d miss the time you spent pumping hours into it, and the love you had creating those characters and all the nuances you’d find in the narrative.

So I picked up the story the next day and pushed to 39,409 words today (which really translates to 40K). In that case, I only have 10K words left and perhaps I could continue after that. Looking back, I think this experience will help me love this story a little more and help me give it my best when I get back to editing after some time. In the meantime, the story has reached a point where the narratives are converging and only one goal is left.

The antagonist has derailed all the plans they had and it is up to them whether they take the offer or continue. I’m not sure what decision they’ll make, but it’ll change the end in a drastic way (fingers crossed ‘interesting’). I should be done in a day or two, but in the mean time, I guess this is where my nanowrimo 2016, hosted by two amazing people Julie Russell and Shawn White on Medium, nears its end.

To all the wrimos, good luck!