I Can Write, I Can Write, I Can Write

NaNoWriMo 2015 Day 27

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Today is the 27th consecutive day of my writing adventure. Since I’ve hit the 50k mark I feel like my story reserves are starting to become depleted, but really it’s just the place that the story finds itself in right now. I’m trying to find ways to tie up some of the loose ends I have left for myself, as well as determine the best way to land the plane, but I’m still just kind of winging it like any other pantser would do.

I haven’t decided yet if I want to take a break and then try to finish the story, or just keep hammering away at it for the time being, but I will definitely continue writing something each day until the end of the month. In my mind, just making myself write every day has been reward enough, but I still want to finish this story and novel!

Day 26: 1,879 words.

Total so far: 56,447 words.

Happy writing, NaNoWriMoers!

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Day One — 1,854 words
Day Two — 2,038 words
Day Three — 1,715 words
Day Four — 2,177 words
Day Five — 1,798 words
Day Six — 1,987 words
Day Seven — 3,966 words
Day Eight — 2,226 words
Day Nine — 1,848 words
Day Ten — 2,067 words
Day Eleven — 1,991 words
Day Twelve — 2,174 words
Day Thirteen — 2,186 words
Day Fourteen — 2,326 words
Day Fifteen — 2,162 words
Day Sixteen — 2,022 words
Day Seventeen — 2,182 words
Day Eighteen — 2,040 words
Day Nineteen — 2,145 words
Day Twenty — 1,773 words
Day Twenty-One — 2,023 words
Day Twenty-Two — 1,883 words
Day Twenty-Three — 2,032 words
Day Twenty-Four — 2,028 words
Day Twenty-Five — 2,068 words
Day Twenty-Six — 1,857 words

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