My 2014 Nanowrimo

Synopsis of my Novel. The Octopus Pirate by Jane Yates

Octopus Pirate J Yates Synopsis

Set in the Victorian period, Octopus Pirate is a time-travelling steampunk tale of a foundling who discovers he has unusual talents — including the ability to communicate with octopuses!

As a teenager Coco joins the circus were he makes friends with Eric, a robot electronic magician. Narrowly escaping plots against them, the pair flee to Cornwall, and raise funds to build a replica pirate ship which travels back in time to fight real pirates. Crews consist of Victorian men who want to fight without any repercussions. It’s ‘Fight Club’, but with a twist or twenty.

Everything goes pretty smoothly until a young girl, Sage, who had been posing as a boy got injured. Against all agreements, Coco brings her back though time to hospital. Unfortunately, the police now think that he might be a murderer…

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