Post-NaNoWriMo Revision Suggestions from Voyager Editors

The intrepid editorial team at HarperVoyager took to Twitter this week for their monthly #AskNova chat. This month’s theme: revisions! Especially for those who finished the epic challenge of National Novel Writing Month. Keep reading for some of the top revision tips from Harper Voyager!

No one likes getting critiqued, but the editor is really trying to help! On that note, author Dan Koboldt chimed in with a helpful reminder as well:

On dialogue:

(We love it when you’re “that” person, Rebecca!)

But with all this talk of editing, of course there’s the big question:

And some philosophical thoughts on what all of this talk of editing is really about, from HarperVoyager’s Executive Editor:

Important advice to keep in mind as you launch into cleaning up your NaNoWriMo projects, this month and into 2016!

Thanks to everyone who joined the December #AskNova chat. The editorial team will return on January 6th from 12–1 PM Eastern, to talk first sentences, plotting & the best SFF of 2015!