There’s one thing I’ve realised while writing my story for NaNoWriMo. It’s not a big secret I found or a useful hack that could be used by the world at large. It’s an obvious fact I realized once I crossed the 10K mark on the story.

There’s a fair bit dedication that goes into writing a short novel in thirty days. So much so that it feels like you’re getting back to binge-watching a show or doing something that feels like muscle memory. There’s all that immersion that needs your attention to craft even the finest detail and in the end you can only stare back and wonder where it leads you.

The story I’m writing has a simple narrative. Everything has it’s own lead, but it also has to do with ice cream (with a bit of science). It’s a bit hard to draw what type of story could come out of it, but I’m sure it would make sense in a couple chapters or so. Perhaps I could say the theme draws on that a little, trying to weave the narrative enough for it to make sense — while things happen, tragedies move the story, and some sort of transformation happens to the characters.

After starting with nothing, I met a character named Marlene. She’s the co-main character of the story, alongside her husband who happens to make some bad decisions in his life (and she rightfully blames him). Everly, the other main character, is their daughter. But something happens to her that turns the story on it’s head, giving way to the start of the epic story with ice cream in it (I’m going to apologize for the excessive use of ice cream here.)

Coming back to writing this story conjures the same feeling of visiting a world you don’t want to leave once you get there. I have to remind myself every time sit down and it motivates me to bring new ideas that could change what happens. What happens in the end? Not entirely sure, but it does seem to be moving in the right direction.