The Havoc Seed

The Havoc Seed: Synopsis for Medium’s NaNoWriMo Synopsis contest.
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Two years have passed since the enemy gateway last opened, spewing black clouds that withered the grass and turned trees to ash.

All that stands between the Ring Worlds and the enemy is a world of primitive warriors, symbiotically bound to vines that grant them great strength.

Fiercely independent Lilith has just undergone the vine ceremony.

She is chosen by the vinekin Poe-Poe; who tends the vine implanted in Lilith’s skull. Their bond is immediate and Lilith thrills to the joyful voice of Poe-Poe in her vines.

With the vine still fresh in Lilith’s temple, the gate opens and the enemy attacks.

In the heat of the battle Poe-Poe is sucked through the gate. The portal closes before Lilith can follow, and the enemy world fades away.

Blinded by grief and with her vines crying out for Poe-Poe, Lilith resolves to travel the Ring — racing through each world as the gates open and close, desperate to reach the final gate to the enemy world before it closes and she loses Poe-Poe forever.

Lilith journeys between the gates, passing through strange and deadly worlds; guided by the Trader, an ancient traveller between gates.

Away from the constraints of her militaristic upbringing, Lilith’s implant evolves with every challenge, imbuing her with new strength.

With only two gates remaining Lilith bursts into a technologically advanced world and is swept into quarantine.

Strangers spray her with chemicals and her vine withers and retracts.

Poe-Poe’s voice fades. She calls out but is met with silence.

Lilith is weak and disoriented. The air is filled with alarms. The gate is opening.

Through the haze, Lilith hears the distant cry of Poe-Poe.

A fury stabs through her and vines erupt from her skull; encasing her in armor and sprouting vicious spikes. Lilith smashes through the quarantine facility; stronger than ever and with Poe-Poe’s voice echoing in her head, she bursts into the final world.

Lilith grows stronger with every heartbeat. She carves a path of mayhem through the final guardian world before launching into the enemy world.

Lilith is surrounded by the enemy; a writhing silhouette of vines. As she lies on the ground, her vines fuse with the enemy and she is filled with calm enlightenment.

Poe-Poe bursts through the crowd with a cry of joy.

Beyond the vines Lilith can see many open gateways with people travelling freely.

Lilith is overwhelmed with happiness and Poe-Poe nestles into her vines.

A year passes. Lilith stands before the gate to her homeworld.

The gate opens and Lilith steps through.

Black clouds pour from her vines. Wherever they settle new life struggles against the old world. Her people’s primitive attacks roll harmlessly from her new body.

Lilith looks at her people — their vines withered and frail; their faces masked with animal fear; and turns her back on her home world.

Lilith faces her new home and looks to the gates; thrilling at the worlds of possibility they hold for her and Poe-Poe.

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