Vote for Your Favorite NaNoWriMo Novel Synopses

Twenty-eight NaNoWriMo novelists are competing for the chance to submit their novel to a literary agent and editor — and they have until Friday, December 19, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. to collect the most Recommends on their posts.

Please support these novelists by recommending your favorite synopses.

Details about the contest are in the post Medium’s NaNoWriMo Synopsis Writing Contest.

The submissions in alphabetical order by title are:

The Amazing True Imaginary Autobiography of Dick And Jani by Julia Lee Barclay-Morton

Blue Meat Tales: A Tale From The Meatbin by Joshua McGrath

Camelot Shall Fall by Lily-Maeve Lafey

The Conception by Ishtar DaCosta

Cover Girl by Madeline Wright

Crack in the Mirror by Jane Welsh

The Curse of the Hideous Teapot by Louise Kiner

Daughter of the Stars by Sara Furlong

The Diplomat’s Daughter by Jehan JonesRadgowski

Frontier Psychiatrist by Jonathan Shipley

House Broken by C.H. Lamb

The Havoc Seed by Jessica McGrath

The Homeless Hearts by Vanessa Crooks

I Am Zombie by Josh Luukkonen

Lulu’s Journey by Gün Ünsal

My Mother’s Shadow by Lauren Clapp Tobin

The Blood of a Traveler by Zed Whisper

The Octopus Pirate by J Yates

The Oldest Living Olive Tree by Nicole Dusseljee

Our Friend Ted by Dan Polley

Our Systemic Grace by Steven Ray Morris

The Power of the Tongue by Average Bob

The Right to Smile by Jill Hutcheson Stanley

Seeing Their End by Josh Gauthier

Somewhere Else by Julie Russell

Super Therapy: The Coming of Age of a Superhero by Saaqshi

Tamed Lamentation by Dominique Goddall

Two Countries, Two Wives by Jennifer Ng

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