When All Else Fails, Write.

NaNoWriMo 2015 Day 12

My hands sort of feel like the ones in the picture look after typing all of those words…

Every day that I have sat down to write, I have tried to have an idea of where I want the day’s allotment of words to go. Most of the time I have managed to at least steer it in the same direction, but sometimes it seems to just carry itself where it wants to go.

I have decided that if I at least come to the keyboard with an idea to start from, I can let my fingers move over the keys in such a way that something useful with come of it. If nothing else, at least the words continue to flow, and I continue to practice the craft of writing each day.

Day 12: 2,174 words.

Total so far: 25,841 words.

Happy writing, NaNoWriMoers!

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Day One — 1,854 words
Day Two — 2,038 words
Day Three — 1,715 words
Day Four — 2,177 words
Day Five — 1,798 words
Day Six — 1,987 words
Day Seven — 3,966 words
Day Eight — 2,226 words
Day Nine — 1,848 words
Day Ten — 2,067 words
Day Eleven — 1,991 words