Writing log: 11/18/2016

Wrote for about 2 hours today. Usually on Fridays I like to do 4. Still got about as much done as I wanted to in terms of raw writing though. I came up with an idea for a chapter that I actually thought was decent and helps convey one of the themes of the story.

Another thing that helped today was skimming through the book my manuscript is most similar to. I read this book back in 2014. Going through some of it again was a reminder it is far from perfect. I don’t have to a grand slam every chapter, just get it done.

The concern today was that one of the essential parts of Character A’s (she has a name but all names are subject to change so I try not to get attached) story arc isn’t really fitting into the way the story is progressing. I think it definitely needs to happen but I might have to exclude it in the second draft and just make it happen earlier in the third draft. I’m not sure.

Another hindrance is organization. I’m not organized by nature. I have my manuscript. I have a word doc with ideas, a list of characters, and lines I came up with for the book away from the computer that I logged in a journal and then later typed up. Today I had to make a word doc just to keep track of material that was cut from the first draft but might find some use in the third draft for one reason or another. It’s a lot to remember and keep track of when you start every session.

When I wrote the first draft I thought writing the second would be easier. It’s not. I can only imagine how difficult the third draft is going to be.

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