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Your ideas wanted for the NaNoWriMo Publication

National Novel Writing Month is almost upon us. I’m feeling that mixture of nervous and excited, that I won’t call nervousited, because it’s only one word.

This will be the fourth NaNoWriMo for this publication. My inquiring mind wants to know: what do you want to see here?

Vote with your Medium highlighter if you like any of these ideas:

  • we ask for people’s questions about NaNoWriMo, and invite past participants (you!) to respond to them.
  • like last year, we post writing prompts to give us fuel for our November novels
  • like in 2014, we have meta prompts about writing (with the caveat that I can’t do a contest)
  • we invite participants to live blog their experience (all previous years)
  • we use the publication as a place to ask for help when we get stuck and give encouragement
  • we feature the brave people who are live posting their NaNoWriMo drafts on Medium
  • yes, and …

Please highlight your favorite ideas from above.

Do you have more ideas? I want to see them! Use a response or a private note to share your ideas.

Want to help with the pub this year?

We have a wonderful, supportive community in this publication, and I’m looking for a few participants to join me as Editors!

Initially, we’ll decide what to do with the pub this year: What kinds of posts will we have, and find people to write these posts, or write them ourselves. During November, I need help scouring Medium for #NaNoWriMo tagged posts to add to our pub and respond to posts to keep the NaNo love flowing.

I welcome your ideas as well!

Wdyt? Want to play with me this November?

With gratitude,


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