Life as an entrepreneur

The New Hustle Documentary

Entrepreneurship is a long, tough road — there’s no denying it.

We heard Coldplay loud and clear when they told us ‘nobody said it was easy’.

Being in business also comes with a lot of pressure that perhaps can’t be seen from the outside looking in. That pressure is often felt by those only closest to us; our partners and our families.

In our latest company meeting we watched a fantastic documentary titled The New Hustle. The film depicts the journey of three successful Australian companies: Canva, Vinomofo and SafetyCulture and is definitely worth a watch.


As noted in the documentary it is said that “most people fail” in business and failure can be brutal however to be successful you need to get used to rejection. When you become an entrepreneur you are committing to a long and often trying journey — you become a master of all things. When I first started RedBalloon I was the CEO (Chief Experience Officer), office manager, and the cleaner!

The New Hustle highlights the struggle entrepreneurs face daily. I do believe it is important to surround yourself with supportive people, but moreover, people who will speak the truth. We need more ‘no’ people around us who are strong and will tell us how it really is.

I’m approaching twenty years as a business owner and what I have found imperative in business, especially in a leadership role, is to be clear on my north star. When I know exactly where I am headed, so too do my employees. Direction and structure and ultimately assist us entrepreneurs in reaching our goals.

Originally published at Naomi Simson.