C-STEM Expanding to 6 Schools

Investing in Computing & Robotics

Mario Piombo
Aug 14, 2017 · 3 min read
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American Canyon Robotics Team competing at the C-STEM Competition // Photo by Mario Piombo

NapaLearns is investing over $140,000 into expanding computer science and robotics into middle and high schools across Napa County. The program will now be offered at American Canyon High School, American Canyon Middle School, Redwood Middle School, Valley Oak High School, Vintage High School, and St. Helena High School. The program integrates coding and robotics into traditional math courses, allowing students to earn math credit while learning how to code.

Using the revolutionary UC Davis C-STEM curriculum, students are able to demonstrate their mastery of advanced mathematical concepts by coding robots that execute complex programs. Students program these robots in a C/C++ environment, which means they are learning a practical and in-demand programming language. These coding skills will ensure that our students are prepared for and excited about the careers of the future.

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American Canyon Robotics Team competing at the C-STEM Competition // Photo by Mario Piombo

We know that students need to be better prepared for success in the 21st Century economy, but what does that really mean? Here’s what we know: there are currently 7 million unfilled jobs in the United States that require coding skills and the Institute for the Future (IFTF) estimates that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. The need for coding and robotic skills are on the increase and we have the opportunity to give our students a considerable head-start.

Math 1 is the new California State Standards aligned course that combines algebra I and geometry with a focus on problem solving. We are proud to say that we are already seeing amazing results at our pilot Math 1 school, American Canyon Middle School. Students in Ms. Lee’s Math 1 Course are highly engaged and demonstrating outstanding academic performance. Ms. Lee’s class attracts a diverse student population, especially students of color and girls, both are groups who are often underrepresented in the STEM field.

See what Mya Wright, a student in Ms. Lee’s class, says about her experience in the C-STEM Program.

Mya Wright, 8th Grader at American Canyon Middle School.

The learning doesn’t stop in middle school; students now have the opportunity to take their learning into high school. Check out the informational video that Karina and Malaysia created to inspire other girls at American Canyon High School to participate in the C-STEM program.

Katrina and Malaysia made a video about their C-STEM journey.

We have high hopes for the program this year. At the 2017 Northern California C-STEM Competition, American Canyon students won 16 awards, with one team placing first in the State. NapaLearns is excited to be sponsoring 12 robotics teams from 6 Napa County Schools to compete at the 2018 C-STEM Competition in May.

Learn more about the C-STEM program by visiting our website.

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