Launching Llama Race and Quest 1

A guide to join Llama Race

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Launching Llama Race


As of April 10th, 1pm UTC, Napier’s Llama Race will be live, marking Llama Race’s official launch to the public. Napier points will represent and track how much a user has contributed to Napier and Curve ecosystem over the course of the campaign.

We acknowledge general market sentiment has shifted with fatigue towards points based systems. For this reason, Napier is focusing on the Llama Race campaign instead of just points.

“Isn’t Llama Race just point system with a different name?”

Yes, but this is the Llama Race, not point system.

Big difference llama.

This article was last updated on 9 April 2024

What is Napier Points?

Napier points are designed to visualize each user’s contributions to the Napier and Curve ecosystem. Users can earn more Napier points by engaging in various activities, like the Llama Quests that happen during Llama Races. These points can be checked on the Napier Finance Llama Race UI.

And the total supply of these points is equal to 3% of the total NPR token supply. Moreover, if the community reaches a milestone of $1B in TVL, including in Curve pools, this percentage will increase to 5%.

What is Llama Race?

The Llama Race is a program for earning Napier points

Napier points airdrop

Projects within the Curve Ecosystem were able to get a favorable start with the Llama Race. Details on who is eligible for Napier points can be found on Napier’s website at

If you want to check your Napier points, please follow the “Steps to check your Napier points” at the bottom of this article.

These airdrops were conducted for various projects within the Curve ecosystem, based on a snapshot taken at 10 am UTC on March 26.

*We cannot accept any claims regarding entitlement to the airdrop.

If you missed the airdrop before the start of Llama Race, it’s okay. You can join starting from Llama Quest 1. This is where the real action begins.

Also, there’s a new Napier points airdrop planned for LST/LRT projects. Stay tuned.

Llama Quest

This campaign is split into several short-term seasons, or “chapters.” In each season, there are rewards for various activities involving the Napier, Curve, and LST/LRT projects, as well as for actions related to various projects that Napier integrates with.


We do not intend to run a long drawn-out Llama Race campaign — we are committed to finalizing the duration of the Llama Quest campaign in almost 3 months time, or when Napier’s TVL (including Curve pool) reaches $1bn US Dollars, whichever happens the soonest.


Chapter 1 focuses on social activities within the Curve ecosystem. Users can earn Napier points through actions like connecting wallets and Twitter, spreading tweets, and referrals.

The rest of the chapters will center on many actions, such as LPing and trading for PT/YT based on LST and LRT (earning triple rewards of Napier points, LRT project points, and Eigenlayer points). The main method Napier points are calculated here depends on the amount of specific tokens a user holds and the duration of holding.

Also, Napier points per Chapter decrease over time. This means rewards become smaller as the program progresses, and joining early gives the most Napier points.

By starting the Llama Race program, we aim to encourage active participation in the most critical areas of the ecosystem for Napier and Curve, aligning with users who contribute to Curve’s long-term success.


Please note that the Llama Race campaign is specifically aimed at long-term participants and users of the system.

Do not participate in the campaign if your intention is to farm and dump a quick airdrop. You will be disappointed. This is not a psyops.

We suggest you do not take part if your time horizon and attention span is the length of a month and if you have no desire to use and participate in the ecosystem over a longer duration.


During the Llama Race campaign, users can also accumulate Napier points through “referrals” and “posting their point totals on Twitter.” Both the user who refers and the referred user earn Napier points.

Tweet out participation in Llama Race template with your referral link!

Llama illustrations

On the Llama Race’s UI, illustrations will change to rarer ones as you earn more Napier points. At the end of each quest, there will be an opportunity to mint those specific illustrations as NFTs.

Chapter 1: Social program

The first chapter focuses on users who celebrate the launch of Napier’s Llama Race. These users have the opportunity to earn points based on the following point logic:

  • Connect wallet : 5 Napier PointsNapier points
    hen you connect your wallet, your ENS is shown)
  • Connect and follow Twitter: 5 Napier PointsNapier points
    (When you connect and follow on Twitter, your Twitter profile picture is displayed)
  • Retweet Napier’s tweet: 200 Napier PointsNapier points
  • Referrals: 100 Napier Points (non-deposit and the invitee connected Twitter)/1000 Napier Points (Deposit and the invitee connected Twitter)
    (Both the inviter and invitee can earn 100 Napier Points. Additionally, if the invitee deposits an amount equivalent to 2 ETH or more into Napier Finance, the inviter will earn 1000 Napier Points).
  • Voting your llamas
    (Users who vote for the project with the highest number of votes will be able to earn a boost that can increase their Napier points by up to five times at the end of the Llama Race. This means to win, you’ll need to promote the project you voted for to get as many votes as possible!)

To Recap:

  • As of April 10th, 1pm UTC, Napier’s Llama Race will be live, marking the official launch of Llama Race/Quest to the public.
  • The total supply of Napier points corresponds to a maximum of 5% of the total supply of NPR tokens.
  • Napier has launched the Llama Race and Quest campaigns. These campaigns are divided into several short-term seasons, or “chapters,” each offering the opportunity to earn Napier points.
  • In Llama Quest 1, you can earn Napier points through social activities.
  • The rest of the chapters will focus on other actions, such as LPing and trading based on LST and LRT for PT/YT.
  • The main method for calculating Napier points in these instances is based on the quantity of these specific tokens you hold and the duration of holding.
  • As the program progresses, the rewards decrease, so participating early gets you the most Napier points.
  • Users can also accumulate Napier points during the Llama Race campaign by making referrals and posting their point totals on Twitter

Please note that Napier Labs holds absolute authority over the numerical conditions and rules of these Llama Races, and be aware that these may be subject to future changes.

Steps to check your Napier points:

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Check your Napier points

Steps for Llama Quest Chapter 1:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to “Chapter 1” tab
  3. Connect your twitter and wallet, vote your favorite projects
  4. Retweet a tweet displayed in the UI.
  5. Receive Napier Points

Steps to share your referral link in a tweet:

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Connect your twitter and wallet, vote your favorite projects
  4. Tweet out participation in Llama Race template with your referral link.
  5. Earn points each time someone joins through your referral link.

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