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NapoleonX Strategies — ETH.USD Strategy Upgrade

As we have said all along, part of our value proposal at NapoleonX is about regularly proposing new strategies or improving existing ones. We believe it is important to keep researching in order to keep any edge that we may have. This will be achieved overtime by opening competition on our trading bots to external traders.

This lead us to propose two new strategies a few weeks ago on ETH.BTC and ETH.USD pairs (see our newsletter of May 18).

These strategies have had mix results since their release, with a 36% and -12% performance respectively. Remember that the first one can have both long and short positions whilst the second can only have long or neutral positions. That being said, over this period ETH.USD plummeted 71% with very few long lasting rallies, so -12% is not that bad a performance in the end.

Given this feedback, we have worked harder to find new strategies on ETH.USD that could both take long or short positions. It took us a little while, but we believe that we have found something interesting and stable enough to upgrade our initial strategy. We will thus implement this going forward, and update the past performance of the strategy accordingly.

What we have done is summing a new strategy (that can have long and short positions based on a new algorithm) to our old one, and making sure the long position is capped at +1 to avoid using leverage.

Below you will be able to see both strategies (in blue the new one). We have used logarithmic scale to appreciate both strategies relative performance.

As you can see, the difference is significant: the new strategy delivers 10x more performance than the previous one over the selected timespan (a little more than 10,000,000 vs just under 1,000,000 in current value in a 100 basis).

Furthermore, we have decided to use this new ETH .USD strategy, the existing BTC.USD and the ETH.BTC ones to propose an allocation model between USD, BTC and ETH.

This will be presented in the next couple of weeks and will also be made available on a temporarily free basis on our platform to NPX token holders. We want to enhance our service (hence providing you with more value) and reward you for your patience on the asset management licence granting and launch of first DAFs.

The enhanced ETH.USD strategy is already live on the NPX platform. It replaces the previous one in the Signals tab.

Remember that you must be logged in and have registered your tokens on the platform in order to access the signals. If you haven’t already done so, follow the instructions here. The process doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Use these signals wisely and have a safe trading in these hard market conditions!

Stephane IFRAH, CEO

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NapoleonX is a fully algorithmic, decentralized and scalable crypto asset manager, founded by former multibillion-dollar fund managers. Our value proposition is underpinned by long-standing, high-performance algorithmic strategies running on a variety of highly liquid assets, both on financial and crypto markets.
NapoleonX will implement this set of proprietary strategies using decentralized and highly scalable investment solutions, a.k.a. Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAFs). DAFs are designed to manage $100m+ of AUM and will give our investors and token holders access to diversified and robust investing strategies, as well as steady earnings.
NapoleonX also provides
trading signals for traditional and crypto assets (stocks, gold, bitcoin, ethereum), sentiment analysis for bitcoin and ethereum, financial news and in-depth content on its platform.

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