ETHLend and NaPoleonX are glad to announce a mutual partnership that will bring new use-cases and investment strategies for NaPoleonX clients and more liquidity available for ETHLend platform users, whether they are individuals or corporates.

This partnership consists in shared functions and common research to provide more investment opportunities for our users alongside a combined effort to showcase the possibilities of blockchains and distributed ledgers on the financial market

NaPoleonX, a brand new crypto asset management company will diversify going forward its scope launching DAFs (Decentralized Autonomous Funds) to fund loan based on collateral risk assessment and invest more on the market from large ETH funding to match borrowing request on ETHLend.

Moreover, ETHLend will benefit from higher liquidity on its platform and ad hoc investment solutions offering new perspective for the repo business, notably from DAFs tokens backed by real assets being pledged as robust collaterals.

From now on, ETHLend and NaPoleonX will closely work in a first step on credit & collateral modelling and ambition to effectively deliver cross fertilized solutions on H2 2018.

Great synergies come from efficient collaboration! Stay tuned!

The NaPoleonX & ETHlend teams :

Left to right : Jean-Charles Dudek (NaPoleonX), Jordan Lazaro Gustave (ETHLend), Marien Irzykiewicz (NaPoleonX), Arnaud Dartois (NaPoleonX)

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