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How to bridge your NPX from ERC20 to BEP20 :


· You must have ETH on your wallet to pay the bridge transaction fees.

· The bridge takes a minimum commission of 33.5 NPX which is fixed regardless of the amount, the fee is 0.1% thereafter.

For example, if you make a swap of 50,000 NPX, the bridge’s commission will be 50 NPX.

Tutorial :

Once you have verified that you have ETH in your portfolio.

Log in to:

Make sure the application is on the Ethereum network, then connect your wallet via the “Connect to a wallet” button:

Once your wallet is connected, please select, the NPX ERC20 token. Once selected its equivalent BEP20 will be automatically chosen on the BNB Smart Chain.

Indicate the amount of NPX you wish to transfer to the BEP20 format. We advise our users to move their entire token in order to avoid minimum fees and repeated ETH gas fees.

Please take into account the number of NPX (BEP20) available in the pool, the amount must be greater than the number of NPX (ERC20) you wish to bridge.

Then click on Agree on the tab “this project is in beta. Use at your own risk”.

Then click on “Approve NPX”, validate the transaction on your wallet.

once the transaction is validated, click on swap.

To add the NPX token to your metamask wallet :

Click on “import token” :

And enter the following contract: “0xd8CB4C2369db13C94c90C7fD3bEbc9757900Ee6b

Then click on “add custom token”.

Your NPX(BEP20) will be visible in your wallet.



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