NapoleonX & Binance Chain. Our vision and next steps.

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Sep 6, 2019 · 3 min read

We have got positive votes from all validators to be listed on Binance DEX. This will add another excellent liquidity access for our old and new community.

Binance Chain is a blockchain-based network developed by the Binance team and the community with a focus on velocity, safety, and user experience. Its decentralized exchange has the potential to become the biggest DEX by far in the crypto environment, and we want to be part of it.

Migration Details

The NPX token has been issued on Binance Chain and is available to review here: . The symbol on the Binance chain will be NPXB.

A portion of NPX circulating tokens will be converted from ERC20 to BEP2. In the beginning, we expect to migrate at least 10 percent of our current supply and keep adding more over time. We will participate in the conversion process with our own tokens.

The token swap from ERC20 to BEP2 will begin on Monday 09/09/19. Please wait for instructions from the NapoleonX team. Beware of scammers they will try to contact you and try to scam you by asking to deposit to a different address. Follow this link for a tutorial


Once you received your tokens in your BNB wallet you will be able to trade it on BinanceDEX. Our Token Bridge will remain open and there won’t be a time limit for doing the swap. Please note, that can take a few hours to complete the token swap.

There will never be more than 29.800.000 NPX Tokens in total supply.

How will this affect our token economics?

It won’t harm our token economics. The total supply will remain unchanged. However, the price could vary, as is the case with tokens that are listed on different exchanges.

Traders can stay in ERC20 if they wish or swap a portion of NPX tokens, the swap to BEP2 is not mandatory. Both tokens will have the same rights, and performance fee payments will remain attached to an ETH address that will be associated with your account on our platform.

The pace at which the Binance ecosystem is evolving every day is remarkable and works as a recognition of how hard the Binance team is working to achieve its objectives. Here you have an overview:

NapoleonX will join Binance Ecosystem

NapoleonX is honored to join Binance Chain growing ecosystem. This is the first step towards developing a strong collaboration between NapoleonX and Binance.

Trade wisely,

NapoleonX team

Fully algorithmic, scalable & decentralized crypto asset…

Napoleon Group™

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Fully algorithmic, scalable & decentralized crypto asset manager piloting trading bots, founded by former multibillion-dollar managers.

Fully algorithmic, scalable & decentralized crypto asset manager piloting trading bots, founded by former multibillion-dollar managers.

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