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NapoleonX Newsletter — January 17, 2019

Dear Napoleonians,

Christmas period has come and go since our last newsletter. Santa brought us a nice gift as crypto markets seem to have bottom, at least on a short term horizon. BTC.USD is up 9.6% since then and ETH.USD 40.3%. However, the rebound is still fragile and we remain in a downward trend at this stage. So you should trade accordingly.

NapoleonX trading signals

We have had a disappointing performance on our BTC.USD strategy that has yielded a -1.9% return over the period due to lack of a clear trend. That is why we have been working on a new strategy that will incorporate short positions for this pair. We can’t specify an exact date at this stage but we will make our best to release it in the near future.

On the contrary, our ETH.USD strategy has been on fire with a +90.4% return (you read it right and this is not an annualized figure!). Here, the trends have been clearer and our model has managed to catch them both on the upside and downside.

With a +97.2% return, our ETH/BTC/USD allocation strategy has been the winner over the period, on the back of the excellent performance for the ETH.USD strategy.


We know you are all impatient for the DAF release. What we have communicated is that we need to get out of this vicious bear trend on cryptos to attract institutional investors attention and avoid spending money and energy to fight a lost battle. It has always work like this when you are in a fund raising exercise. Having performing strategies is mandatory but it is not sufficient.

We will wait until the planets are aligned. Hopefully, this will happen sooner rather than later. We are hopeful that the bear trend may end in Q1-Q2 this year if history is any judge.

New developments

You have asked for it and we are working on it! Basically, we are only providing trading signals at this stage as was planned in our roadmap. The launch of the first DAF is still a few weeks/months away. So we have some time to develop actual bots (through API) that will hit the markets for you at the right time of our trading signals. We will select 3 main Exchanges and develop these new products that will allow to follow a given crypto strategy by a simple subscription program. This will not come for free and will only be available to NPX token holders at first, through our NapoleonX platform.

There are some difficulties that we need to resolve like the equality among the users of our service, the minimizing of market impacts, the minimizing of tracking error, the execution of these signals on your accounts without NapoleonX team being able to access your fund, and the fraudulent use of our services. This will take some time but could hopefully be launched before the end of Q1. We will of course keep you posted on this matter.


We are also working to launch an execution module through copy trading on a well known trading platform. There are legal and technical issues that need to be overcome but hopefully this could also be available in the near future.


On January 30th I will be part of a panel on the “Disruption in the Asset and Wealth Management Industry” at the Paris Fintech Forum, alongside eToro CEO amongst other.

The PFF is the leading international event in Europe on digital finance and fintech with an international crowd of attendees being mostly decision makers, so its a great opportunity to get the Group some visibility. While we are not exhibiting at this show, our co-founder Jean-Charles Dudek will also be present during the two days of the event to identify business opportunities with the players in the sector and promote our investment solutions.

We will also present at an event organised by OKEX on February 20 in London. We hope to develop our relationship with this platform as it is particularly suited for the execution of our trading bots.

We will publish further details on these two events on our social media, so stay tuned on our channels.


As you can see, we are not sitting still but are working hard to develop this project beyond what was initially planned. The weeks ahead may end the terrible crypto bear market. This would then pave the way for the actual launch of the first DAF. Continue supporting us and spread the love to grow our community of users.

Yours sincerely,

Stephane IFRAH, CEO Napoleon Crypto



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