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NapoleonX Newsletter — November 12, 2020.

Dear Napoleonians,

The bull market is back, and we’re heading towards a new all-time high on BTC. We’ve blasted through the 14k resistance and there are no clear obstacles before the 20k mark. Get ready to make some money along the line.

Altcoins are not too far behind contrary to late 2017, so the bull market is broad hence healthy. If history is any comparison, we are still 12 month-ish from the blow-off top so there are even better times to come. Since our last Newsletter, BTC is up close to 40% and ETH up close to 22%.

ETH has been a laggard in this rise and still sits below his YTD top due to DeFi cool down. In these circumstances, our oldest strategy (BTC LO) turned bullish on October 9th so managed to get the full 40% rise of the BTC.

Sales activity report:

On the sales activity part, we are consolidating our positioning and discussion with partners and start to receive again some promising reverse solicitation.

Without giving too many clues to our competitors, we are notably currently exploring with prospects how can we answer positively to retirement pension schemes through regulated vehicles.

On the DAF’s side, DAF#1 is exceeding 800k€ of AUM surfing on BTC rise. DAF#2 is still in building book phase while DAF#3 has already 1.3MUSDT of AUM.

We are fully concerned to transform the essay looking at the crypto market timing and impose Napoleon AM as the regulated asset managed of reference for institutional investors.

Performance fees mechanism:

NPX license fees are currently benefiting from retrocession on DAF#1 management fees. DAF#3 performance fees shall be computed for the first time on December 31st 2020 and retroceded to NPX token holders on a monthly basis along 2021. The mechanism will be explained in detail in the next January newsletter.

IDEX delisting:

With the new IDEX 2,0 version, all tokens were delisted including ours. We have approached 5 different listing platforms and are currently assessing the pros and cons for each of them, including reputation, liquidity conditions, listing price and customer base. We hope to be able to come back with a decision within the coming month.


Good times are waiting for the crypto markets. So there is no doubt that our project will benefit from this. Once we resolve the listing issue, we should get more light on our project as we keep on gathering new AUM and generating performance fees as last month.

We will rely on you to spread the word to accelerate our popularity in the crypto community as you are the best advocate of our achievements. In the meantime, we are confident our strategies should continue to make wonder in this bullish environment.

The NapoleonX project Co-Founders



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