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NapoleonX Newsletter — October 2, 2018

It’s been a while since our last newsletter and we are happy to bring some fresh news to you. Crypto markets have been pretty challenging for most of the cryptos, BTC being the least ugly market with only a 9.7% slide since then. ETH have slided by 48.2%, making new lows for the years and dropping well below the 200 USD mark. During the last bottom, heavy volumes were registered that make us think we could have bottomed for the year.

After some back and forth exchanges with the AMF, the French regulator, we finally have a date for the “AMF College” review. It should happen on October 16, 2018. We are preparing for a potential final question list next week as the file is being presented by the AMF reviewer internally. This is a long process but we are convinced it will pay in the future as we will be the first regulated AM that will propose crypto investment solutions.

We are fine tuning our marketing campaign that will follow in order to launch the first DAF in the best possible manner. We are being approached by a few family offices and are thinking of the best possible way to federate these various interests that we have received so far. We will need to create a new buzz, which given the current ETH market environment will need to be carefully drafted and presented.

On September 18, we updated our ETH.USD strategy with a complementary strategy that allow short positions. We have already provided a specific communication on this topic so I will not enter into too much detail here. Just to let you know that since when we implemented it, this new strategy provided an 8.3% return.

Once again, we are determined to provide our community with new strategies as we think we can add a lot of value there. We are preparing the release of our BTC, ETH & USD allocation model for later this week as mentioned in our previous communication. More models will follow, so stay tuned for our upcoming updates on this subject in the next few weeks!

After 7 months at WeWork, in the 8th district, where we moved post ICO, we decided it was time to take our own offices. We have now moved to a more central location, in the heart of “Silicon Sentier”, very close to Coinhouse and ConsenSys. As we are cost conscious, we have built our own desks and chairs from a well-known Swedish retailer. It was a great team building exercise and we will have some space here to organize a few events in the next few months to promote our project and quantitative finance.

Arnaud keeps an eye on the clock while we slalom between the boxes and put the furniture together — well, some of us at least!

We have been invited by a few institutions to come and present our ICO to a wide public in October. We will notably talk at a corporate event organized by EY and Revue Banque (the reference for banking and finance professionals in France) on October 9, alongside the AMF, Banque de France and ConsenSys. Adrien will make sure you are all aware of our interventions so that you can follow them and relay them if need be.

I hope you all have a nice day. Trade safely, and do not forget to look at our trading signals so that you trade with a hedge.

Sincerely yours,

Stephane IFRAH, CEO

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NapoleonX is a fully algorithmic, decentralized and scalable crypto asset manager, founded by former multibillion-dollar fund managers. Our value proposition is underpinned by long-standing, high-performance algorithmic strategies running on a variety of highly liquid assets, both on financial and crypto markets.
NapoleonX will implement this set of proprietary strategies using decentralized and highly scalable investment solutions, a.k.a. Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAFs). DAFs are designed to manage $100m+ of AUM and will give our investors and token holders access to diversified and robust investing strategies, as well as steady earnings.
NapoleonX also provides
trading signals for traditional and crypto assets (stocks, gold, bitcoin, ethereum), sentiment analysis for bitcoin and ethereum, financial news and in-depth content on its platform.

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