NapoleonX platform: How to register your ETH address

This is a step-by-step guide, recommended for inexperienced users.

1. The first step that you need to do is to Login into your NPX account or open one in the case you don’t have one.

02. Once you log in to your account. You click on “View my profile”.

03. Scroll down the screen and you click on Add NPX address. The NPX address will be the same as your ETH public address. If you want to credit your personal trading bot it must be from a registered address(You can link several ETH addresses to your NPX account). Normally all the ethereum addresses begin with “0x — — ”.

04. Enter your NPX address(It’s the same as your ETH public Address)and submit.

Note: You have to be in full control of your wallet/address to go through the next steps. If you don’t have full control of your wallet/address and for example want to use an exchange address, you won’t be able to link your ETH address to your account and credit your bot.

05. A message to sign is displayed. Accept the terms & conditions and Copy it to your clipboard.

Note: DO NOT modify that message.

Note: If you have several addresses holding NPX tokens, you can add them from here by clicking “Add another NPX address” link at the bottom of the screen. If not, you will be able to do so later on from your Profile settings. You have to sign a message for each NPX address you own.

06. Open a new tab and access or If you are using Myetherwallet remember this tutorial is using the vintage mode (you can choose this mode in the landing page)

Note: Be careful with phishing and other types of frauds. Always make sure you are browsing on the legit website. Check the Twitter account of the website you’re visiting before accessing it, so you are aware of any security issue they might be experiencing. As an extra security measure, you may want to run MEW or MyCrypto locally (advanced users).

07. In the “Message” field, paste the message you copied in step 6. Do not modify it.

08. Now choose a method to access your wallet. DO NOT pick “View w/ Address only”, you wouldn’t be able to sign the message this way. Any other method is allowed, but please read the following carefully.

We DO NOT recommend you to access MEW / MyCrypto using keystore file, mnemonic phrase or private key, unless you are running it locally. Use preferably Metamask, Mist or an hardware wallet (Ledger, Trezor). Use keystore, mnemonic or privite key at your own risk. Further information here:

Note: No token transfer is involved in these steps. We are only using the signing feature MEW/MyCrypto provide. However, you have to connect your wallet to the website in order to be able to sign the message.

09. If you are using MetaMask, make sure you are logged in to access your wallet. If you are using an hardware wallet, make sure to confirm the connection by entering your PIN.

If you want to use MetaMask but don’t have it yet, visit install the extension. Please read their documentation or ask for supportthere if you need help.

10. Make sure you have pasted the exact message we gave you and press “Sign”.

11. If you are using MetaMask, a pop-up should show up (if not, access MetaMask manually by clicking its icon in your browser). Sign this message by pressing “ Signin MetaMask. If you are using an hardware wallet, make sure to confirm the signing by entering your PIN.

12. Your signature should show up.

13. Copy only the signature hash (“sig” field), without quotes.

14. Go back to the platform, paste your signature hash in the corresponding field and press “Validate”.

15. The “Validate” button is now grayed out. Now wait for a second and go to the dashboard or refresh the website.

16. You can view and manage (add/remove) your NPX/ETH addresses at any time from your Profile settings.

17. Congratulations! You now have successfully registered your ETH address. Now you are able to buy credit for your trading bot and your account will be credited.