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NapoleonX Newsletter — January 10, 2018

Dear Napoleonians,

I trust you have now completely recovered from Christmas food excess and that you have chosen the right cryptos you want to invest in. Everytime I look at price charts, I am fascinated. There is no other place in financial markets these days where you can get a true adrenaline fix. All other traditional markets seem dead in comparison with cryptos.

Marketing Plan

We have launched our big marketing push, and we’re glad to see that the website traffic and number of registrations is already increasing sharply. We will soon cross the 3,000 registered members mark and we have only actioned the first stage of our ICO marketing rocket, which is accelerating the listing on all major ICO sites. The second, third, fourth and fifth stage should take us to the moon in no time.

Stage #2 is the revamping of our website. We met with our head UX & designer yesterday night, and we can tell you it will look really nice. We are taking this opportunity to rethink the onboarding process to make it as smooth as possible thanks to our UX experts. Moreover, all our social media pages and profiles will be updated to show our new, consistent brand identity.

Stage #3 will be a much heavier presence on selected, top notch media where we have invested in cherry-picked advertising to strengthen our exposure to the crypto community, without forgetting fiat investors, as NaPoleonX proposal decidedly addresses both audiences.

Stage #4 is all about creating high-quality marketing content. We have already asked the first media (Smith&Crown, Chipin to name a few) that have covered us to update their papers about NaPoleonX. We are also pushing very hard on producing high value-added content to spread more information about the ICO, as well as anticipate questions you might raise as a community of serious investors. At last, we are working with PR agencies to get much more publicity and articles written about us.

Stage #5 deals with leveraging social media and platforms (Telegram, Reddit, BitcoinTalk, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin …) and we hired specialists to gain reactivity in our communication with the community. Their constant monitoring will allow us to provide quicker answers to inquiries, whatever the social channel they’re expressed on.

Oh, but wait! There is a Stage #6, and it is YOU. We need YOU to help us spread the word everywhere, so that we make sure everyone hears about us. We are only selling 15 million EUR worth of NPX tokens, and there will surely not be enough for everyone willing to invest. But we want to stay a top-of-mind ICO. Indeed, we don’t need more than these 15 million EUR at this stage, and these 15 million EUR will represent 70% of the issued tokens and give right to 85% of the DAFs performance fees. We are definitely one of the most compelling ICO around, but please keep in mind our journey is only starting and we have plenty of steps to go post ICO.

New Advisor

We are thrilled and honoured to announce that a new Advisor has joined the team this week. Marcello Mari is the head PR of, which as you know carried out a very successful ICO. I am pretty sure lots of you have heard about their flagship humanoid, Sophia. He will help us in the PR and marketing of our ICO, and we’ll strongly benefit from his insights and experience.

Marcello Mari, our new Marketing & PR advisor


We have already announced 2 upcoming events:

  • A big Meetup in Paris at Station F on January 25 from 6.30 pm to 7.30pm CET. Registrations are open here
  • An AMA session on Telegram the following Thursday (February 1st) around noon. Exact timing will be announced next week.

As a reminder, we will be in Miami on January 18th and 19th for the Keynote event. We will have the great opportunity to present our project on stage, and will be warmly welcoming investors at our booth to answer any questions about NaPoleonX.

Stay tuned for our next update next week!

Best regards,

Stephane IFRAH

CEO NapoleonX



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