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NapoleonX Newsletter — July 20, 2018

It’s been a month since we have published our last newsletter, so let’s take an opportunity before some of us leave for a well-deserved summer break.

BTC was around $6,350 at that time, and it went up slightly more than 15% while our BTC.USD trading model provided more than 20% return over the corresponding period. And as the model was not 100% of the time exposed to BTC, it did so while reducing volatility. We can only hope you took advantage of it!

With regards to ETH, the market is down around 4% and our trading model kept its exposure in USD vs ETH — in short, we just saved some negative performance and useless volatility during the period. We are still waiting for a long signal that is still not there yet despite recent price action.

L’Humeur des marchés

We are glad to have added a free feature to our platform that provides a unique analysis on BTC and ETH based on sentiment and emotions. L’Humeur des marchés is a unique tool for which we are proud to have negotiated for you a free access. SESAMm does provide its technologies to some of the greatest funds and asset managers worldwide and it’s the first time that such a service, targeted mainly at finance professionals, is being made available to retail investors, what’s more free of charge.

Sentiment analysis, here for ETH on social networks, with L’Humeur des marchés.

This brand new feature is displayed to help you decide on your discretionary trading as a complementary tool to fundamental analysis, technical analysis and quantitative trading signals such as the one we already provide. The goal is to produce innovative trading crypto strategies relying on this alternative set of data. If you haven’t done so already, we invite you to read our story to learn more about this feature and how it can help you diversify your sources of alpha and make better-informed investment decisions.

You may also want to check our tutorial to find out more about how to use it and read the data.

This opportunity was not part of our initial plan but we strongly believe in adding valuable tools and information to the platform in order to offer you a more refined, effective and innovative service, while increasing traffic and time spent there. This new step we are making is similar to the two additional crypto strategies that were added recently to the first 10 that we had marketed during our ICO campaign.

Some of you asked us if we could use these alternative set of data in our strategies. It is still too early to say but we will definitely follow its results over time to see whether we can design new trading model based on this information.

Asset Management license

Our file has been submitted a month ago to the French regulator, the AMF (“Autorité des Marchés Financiers”). We have not heard from them since then and we are, at this stage, scheduled for a decision committee in the second half of September. As we are anticipating some questions around our project, we will contact them before the August holidays just to make sure they have all the elements to take their decision. In the meantime and as we say in France, no news is good news!

Blackrock enters the crypto market

With BTC and crypto prices still far off their highs, institutional actors are embracing this new asset class and developing new offers for their existing client. This is a landmark as Blackrock is one of the largest players in the asset management industry. It may be in a perfect position to inspire other institutional investors to become interested in the digital currency space as well — and as we all know, desks are set up in most of the major investment banks to answer their clients’ requests.

This news alone could sway the price of many digital currencies and inspire renewed confidence at a time in which the market in general has sagged. This is quite positive for cryptocurrencies in general, and this is very timely for us as we expect to launch the first DAF in the fourth quarter. Broadly speaking, it also confirms the analysis and forecasts that underpinned the birth of our very own project.

Now is the time to wish you nice summer holidays for the ones leaving in the Northern hemisphere. As always, don’t hesitate to interact with us on Telegram, and don’t forget to put the sun cream on as you need to protect your human asset as much as the financial one!

Stéphane IFRAH, CEO




Fully algorithmic, scalable & decentralized crypto asset manager piloting trading bots, founded by former multibillion-dollar managers.

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Napoleon Group™

Napoleon Group™

Fully algorithmic, scalable & decentralized crypto asset manager piloting trading bots, founded by former multibillion-dollar managers.

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