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Newsletter — September 1st, 2021.

Dear Napoleonians,

First of all, we hope that you have enjoyed your summer break and benefited from the sunny crypto pace!

On our side, we have been working really hard with the release of new strategies implementing AI approaches and pre-built allocation. The trading signals were very responsive throughout and the sales activity was extremely active, raising some net new cash. Last but not least, the NPX token holders have benefited from their token licensing right, almost doubling their right monetization from the previous quarter.

Market & strategies analysis

The crypto market has rebounded strongly over the past 6 weeks and retraced around 60% of the bearish movement from last spring. On a technical analysis basis, we at the crossroads between an extremely bullish scenario or we have seen the peak of the year behind us.

For the moment, we do not observe any particular tension on the futures funding rates and we note that long-term investors are in an accumulation phase, which was no longer the case at the start of the year and which makes us in favour of the continuation of the bullish movement.

At the macroeconomic level, the bond market has relaxed, signifying a drop in short-term inflationary pressures and therefore continuing a very favourable environment for Bitcoin with very accommodating central banks and ever higher government debts.

Regarding our strategies, they benefited from the rebound of cryptos, even if the shortest term suffered from the very jarred nature of this up move. We have released a handful of new strategies, enabling to capitalize on bull markets and reduce the sensitivity in bear markets. Indeed, those new strategies are built to maintain a constant level of risk and optimize the drawdowns, allocating between several ETH and BTC strategies based on an in-house deep learning model.

Having said that, we are confident that our algorithms will generate performance in the anticipated bullish market as well as in a violent rejection market scenario. Our short term models being able to adapt to both.

Research activity and trading signals

We have released the new strategies on NapBots platform with 3 AI strategies and 1 pre-built allocation (model portfolio) strategy. As promised, the trading signals of the most dynamic AI strategy are also available on and we will soon feed this platform with brand new signals from our prolific research.

As illustrated, we are continuing to develop new performing strategies and maintain our competitive advantage to catch new clients.

This is definitely a major asset of the NPX, benefiting from performing trading signals with now a long-standing track record, and opening door to new clients for the DAFs.

Sales report

The good pace of the cryptos during the summer period combined with a good performance of our algos re-opened discussion with prospects. It is quite promising on that point and the DAFs’ AUM increased correctly. Here are the figures as of September 1st 2021:

- DAF#1: 2.49M€ (+0.87M€ vs 15/07/2021)

- DAF#2: pending

- DAF#3: 2.01MUSDT (+0.62MUSDT)

- DAF#4: 1.60MUSDT (+0.26MUSDT)

- DAF#5: 1.25MUSDT (+0.12MUSDT)

- DAF#6: lost

- DAF#7: lost

- DAF#8: 0.21MUSDT (+0.09MUSDT)

- DAF#9: 22.9M$ (+10.6M$)

- Super DAF (pool): 0.04MUSDT (flat)

NPX positioning and promotion

As expected, we have released the new landing page, replacing the token at the center of the Napoleonian ecosystem. We are currently working on the NapBots and Crypto Army platforms revamping and have decided in the meantime to announce a special offer to fully pay the NapBots service from September 8th to September 15th with the NPX tokens valuing at their ICO price, i.e 0.001ETH/NPX, equivalent to a current discount of 95%. We will promote this special offer independently as well and preparing more promotion to come in a near future.

Community management

We are sad (for us but happy for him) to announce that our Super-Sergio has decided to try his own entrepreneurship adventure in the yachting industry and will thus leave the Company at the end of September. Sergio will stay of course a precious NPX ambassador and we would like to warmly thank him for his involvement and professionalism over the last 3 years. We wish him a lot of success and accomplishment in his future entrepreneur life and say again muchas gracias.

Thibault Champel (@ThibaultNPX) and Sacha Etchechoury (@SachaNPG) will replace Sergio in the community animation role. Please welcome them as they deserve 😉


We are fully focused to leverage on the crypto bull cycle through sales activity, strategy research and platforms revamping. We count on you to spread the NPX love and stay at your disposal as always should you have any questions.

Best regards,

Arnaud, Jean-Charles and the team.



Fully algorithmic, scalable & decentralized crypto asset manager piloting trading bots, founded by former multibillion-dollar managers.

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Fully algorithmic, scalable & decentralized crypto asset manager piloting trading bots, founded by former multibillion-dollar managers.