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Newsletter — September 29th, 2022

Dear NPX Community,

According to the communication made in July 2022 to inform you that CoinShares as a listed company needed to consider the optimum way to leverage NPX, we are delighted to update you on our plans to launch the platform and keep the NPX tokens at the core of the platform’s experience and the DeFi project.


  • CoinShares has finalised its acquisition of Napoleon and the companies have been renamed CoinShares France and CoinShares AM;
  • Q4 will be dedicated to design full on-chain NPX tokenomics for the NPX token holders. Token use will be at the core of the DeFi platform’s experience.

1/ The DeFi platform is now ready

Recent technological evolutions in the crypto world via new blockchains and DeFi development finally allow us to build the fully decentralised asset manager we imagined at the birth of NapoleonX.

We are excited to announce the launch of our DeFi platform in Beta this October 2022 with KYC feature, in order to comply with the anticipated coming regulation.

As a whole, we aim to become a leading platform of decentralized asset management. To make this DeFi platform a success, we have gathered a team of top-tier developers and analysts fully knowledgeable of the crypto universe and its evolutions.

2/ Restructuring of Napoleon

As you may know, CoinShares has fully completed its acquisition of the entire Napoleon Group, initiated in December 2021, in June 2022 with the acquisition of Napoleon AM . In the meantime, CoinShares has decided to rationalise the corporate structure of the Napoleon entities, merging Napoleon Software and Napoleon Crypto into Napoleon Group which now fully owns Napoleon AM. A renaming has just occurred as well early September, Napoleon Group and Napoleon AM becoming respectively CoinShares France and CoinShares AM.

3/ Tokenomics

This Web 3.0 shift will enable a full on-chain tokenomics, given total transparency on fees distribution and governance. The various actions related to vault management will be automated (withdrawals, deposits, etc.) and you will be able to check TVL evolution in real-time.

In the coming months, we aim at validating the best way to (i) define the best tokenomics and (ii) give access to these tokenomics to the NPX token holders.

4/ Next steps

We will update our communication channels, and close our Telegram channels in October , focusing on a Discord chan dedicated to our DeFi platform.

Stay tuned with the beta link sharing, it is coming early October.

We are very excited to share with you this NPX evolution and would like to thank you one more time for your support. Let’s build the future of investing, together.

The CoinShares France team



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