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NPX transition to BNB Smart Chain

Dear community,

As part of our development on the BNB Smart Chain and in anticipation of the launch of our DEFI platform. It is necessary that the NPX supply moves towards the BEP20 format (BNB Smart Chain) so that the full potential of our applications is exploited.

For the moment we are focusing on the BNB Smart Chain ecosystem, but we intend to make our application cross-chain (Eth, L2, Avalanche…).

We therefore bring you a bridge solution from your NPX ERC20 (Ethereum) to NPX BEP20 (BNB Smart Chain) via the Multichain application (Ex-Anyswap). The bridge liquidity will be provisioned as it goes along.

Please find the tutorial to bridge your NPX ERC20 tokens to the NPX BEP20 format under this link.

The liquidity of our ETH/NPX Uniswap liquidity pool will be withdrawn on Monday, March 14, 2022 and at the same time we will reinforce the BUSD/NPX PancakeSwap liquidity pool.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our DAO governance platform via the following link.

Only NPX holders in BEP20 format will be eligible to vote on future DAO proposals.

The first proposals will be launched during the month of March, we will keep you posted on Telegram and Twitter.

We thank you for your trust and we really look forward to presenting our future application to you.



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