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Quickly host your Angular2+ app on GitHub Pages ( using Angular CLI

Since Angular uses TypeScript code, It has lots of node dependencies and a ‘production mode’, deploying on GitHub Pages turned out not to be so straight-forward. But after a bit of surfing over web, reading some blog posts, and going through some Github repos and comments, I found an easy and quicker way to deploy the apps to GitHub Pages

Using Angular CLI, a command-line interface for building Angular applications, surely made things easier! Here are the steps I took:

Create a ‘’ file at the root of the project repo.

#!/bin/bashPATH=$PATH:$(npm bin)set -x
# Production build for gh-pages
./node_modules/.bin/ng build — base-href “"
# Deploy: Publish the /dist folder using angular-cli-ghpages

> make sure to update your link for your repository:

once done, then next thing is to — modify your package.json — a little bit, to add the script command which executes the bash file to run and it will easily deploy your code to the github-pages.

Add this command into your package.json under “scripts”:

“deploy”: “sh”

and please don’t forget to add npm devDependency named angular-cli-ghpages

and Finally, now you can run the command npm run deploy` or npx deploy` or even yarn deploy` — if you use yarn!!

For reference, you may checkout this Pull request for the demo:

For more, feel free to check below article;




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