Looking for Beta testers: become the pioneer of Cloud-Connected MicroBot!

Dear users!
We have been hinting the past few weeks to significant changes to come for Prota and MicroBot Push. Well, here they are! We have been developing Prota Charles, a system in which MicroBot Push is directly connected to Prota in the cloud. Now, we need your help to test the app and new features and improve what needs to be improved!

What is Prota Charles?

Prota Charles is our third major version of Prota, and what it solves that the previous versions didn’t is the hardware. Prota Charles operates in the cloud and is designed to overcome the fundamental hardware issue by applying basics in distributed computing. Let us explain how we’re applying Charles to the existing MicroBot Push system.
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What features come with it?

What was possible only when MicroBot Push was paired with a Prota hub, is now possible without the latter! In the app, our users will come to discover new features. Let’s take a look at what they are.

How Cloud-connected MicroBot Push works

Turn your Smartphone into a Smart Hub

  • Once MicroBot Push app is installed, your smartphone becomes a smart hub.
  • Enables the exchange of data between the app and MicroBot Push even when your phone is in sleep or locked screen mode.


  • MicroBot Push Beta app version
  • Up-to-date MicroBot Push’s firmware
  • Smartphone must be within the Bluetooth range to activate MicroBot Push
  • In the Settings of MicroBot Push app, turn on ‘notifications’ to be alerted about MicroBot Push’s status (connected, disconnected, unpaired…)
MicroBot Push app’s notifications settings

Webhook URL (outgoing/incoming hook)

Webhook feature in MicroBot Push app
  • Use webhooks to integrate your MicroBot Push with other devices and web services
  • Give the possibility to a third party to use your MicroBot Push
  • 4 types of webhook URLs corresponding to 4 actions are available: Press / Push / Release (pull) / Reveal
Available Webhook URLs


  • MicroBot Push Beta app version
  • Up-to-date MicroBot Push’s firmware
  • MicroBot Push must be connected to one smartphone i.e. a registered smartphone must be within the Bluetooth range to allow the connection

Cloud pairing

  • Control MicroBot Push from multiple devices without needing a Prota hub like before.
  • MicroBot connects to the closest registered device, within the Bluetooth range.


  • MicroBot Push Beta app installed on several devices (smartphones, tablets)
  • The devices must be registered in the same Prota: when setting the MicroBot Push Beta app, the registered email address must be the same.
  • MicroBot Push must be connected to one smartphone i.e. a registered smartphone must be nearby (Bluetooth range) to allow the connection.

How to join the program?

Subscribe to the beta program thanks to the invitation email you recently received from us. Subscribe now!

Who can do the test?

  • Users of MicroBot Push 2nd Generation without a Prota hub
  • iOS device owner
  • Prota users who wish to avoid using Prota hub

* The test is not available for MicroBot Push 1st Generation users.

For iOS users:

  1. Download TestFlight app, available for free in the Apple Store
  2. Click on the invitation link included in the email you received from iConnect. You will be redirected to TestFlight app.
  3. Install MicroBot Push app and follow the instructions.
  4. Enter the email address to receive the ‘Magic Link’ that will enable you to authenticate your device to Prota.
    Note: If you wish to use Prota with several devices, please use the same email address to authenticate them.
  5. Go to your email inbox to confirm your Magic Link. Click on the link and you will be redirected to MicroBot Push app.
  6. Pair your MicroBot and update it to the latest version if necessary. Done!
How to join MicroBot Push Beta test step by step

(What you need to know) before installing the app

As soon as MicroBot Push’s TestFlight app is installed, your smartphone will be transformed into a smart hub and communicate with Prota via the app. The MicroBot Push app you were using so far will be automatically deleted, along with all its data. Therefore, you will need to pair your MicroBot Push and change the settings to your liking again.

The app is still a Beta version with its share of bugs and imperfections. Please give us a lot of feedback! And we will implement the related improvements!

If you do not wish to participate in the test anymore, simply reinstall the official version of MicroBot Push and delete the TestFlight version.

The Beta version of MicroBot Push app is, for now, available for iOS users only. We will soon make it available for Android users as well, stay tuned!

Wish to be included? Or a question? Do not hesitate to contact our Support team at support.thenaran.com. Its members will be very happy to assist you with whatever you need.