MicroBot Push — Meet the real users!

We are back for another insight on users of MicroBot Push. Last week, we shared some interesting facts and feedbacks about our MicroBot users in general. Today, we would like to introduce some of them that we’ve got to meet through interviews. Read now what they have to say about their experience with MicroBot Push!

A little catch-up…

MicroBot Push was born from this idea: connect the numerous buttons surrounding us to allow their control via smartphone. In short, make old, dumb devices, smart through refurbishing.

Let’s now meet Ian S., Francis C., and Henri G. to discover MicroBot Push through their eyes and experience.

Ian S., Canada

Let’s meet Ian S., a retired electronics engineer living in Ottawa, Canada. Ian is very interested in not to say a big fan of everything that regards Smart Home and the Internet of Things. His goal? To look for and use the best smart home devices to make his life easier and more enjoyable.

Ian discovered MicroBot Push while looking for a solution to automate is Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner. It proved to be a much cheaper way of scheduling his robot cleaner than buying a new Roomba with a built-in timer.

“I like the device because it is unique. It was the only device I could find that would solve my problem of automating my Roomba 880 scheduling.”

What he likes

He found the set-up, installation, and calibration of MicroBot Push very simple and easy to do thanks to the embedded guide as well as our Knowledge Base. MicroBot Push 2nd Generation’s timer feature is the solution he needed to match his needs.

“With the timer feature, I am able to set a schedule of five cleanings per week and I don’t have to think about it anymore because it’s automated. […] I very much enjoyed setting up and using the MicroBot Push. It’s very novel and fun.”

His points to improve

Ian S. would like to receive a notification when a timer is successfully set or edited and He also experienced some issues when editing a timer that could be solved if the Bluetooth connection is maintained.

Ian’s wish?

To be able to set up a push/pull duration for his MicroBot, a feature available if MicroBot Push is paired with Prota. He also wishes to have a ‘MicroBot IR remote’ to be able to retrofit others of his devices, in the line of MicroBot Push.

Francis C., Taiwan

Let’s now meet Francis C., a MicroBot Push user living in Taiwan. Francis is a software engineer in his forties fond of smart home devices, home appliances, and high-tech gadgets. So, purchasing MicroBot Push seems just natural. Actually, Francis is one of our users who first bought MicroBot Push for fun. But he quickly realized that MicroBot Push is much more than a gadget and could be very useful for home automation.

He installed MicroBot Push on several of his appliances: his light switch, the remote control of the air conditioner, and the control panel of his heat recovery ventilator. Francis also bought a Prota smart hub, MicroBot Push’s companion hub, to make his life easier through the creation of automation workflows. His main objectives through automation are:

  • Scheduling
  • Integrating his MicroBots with Amazon Echo to enable voice control

What he likes the most

Being able to schedule his appliances and control them remotely with voice thanks to MicroBot Push/Prota.

His points to improve

Creating automation workflows was not so easy for our software engineer, simply because he is a software engineer! Indeed, he would like to be able to code the automation rule rather than writing in in natural language as he has to do it now. However, we actually designed, Stories app, Prota’s tool to create automation rules, to be used for all users — being engineer or not, with or without coding skills. The idea was to build automation workflow like we write!

Francis’ wish?

To be able to control his MicroBots from his other IoT smart hubs without having to buy another hub. Too many hubs in the house! Well, we are working on this, stay tuned for big changes next year!

Robbie, UK

Robbie is a one of our users from the UK who purchased his MicroBot Push to compensate the lack of built-in timer of his dishwasher. Thanks to MicroBot Push, he got to schedule his dishwasher at night — as the electricity is much cheaper during that time — without having to get up to do it!

What he likes

In addition to the timer feature, Robbie enjoyed being able to calibrate his MicroBot Push’s gears easily thanks to this app to fit his needs.

His point to improve

Though he finds the gears a little noisy, it does not damaged his user experience overall. The cheaper bill and more daily convenience brought by MicroBot Push are what truly matter to him!

A few words from other users

Other users bought MicroBot Push very handy when it comes to automating their humidifier, shades, coffee machine, light switch or washing machine.

“I got my MicroBot and was able to set it up in minutes! Very easy to use and super convenient to have around the house!” — Linda H., US

As for Pauly, she recommends it for any gadget loving person. She personally uses her MicroBots, together with a Prota S, on several appliances:

  • Lamp because “it saves time in turning it on”
  • Kettle. “In the morning, the water is boiled before I even go downstairs!”
  • Boiler. “Our hot water goes off the whole time so it’s great to be able to flip it on from anywhere in the house!”

She found also the installation on each device a very easy and quick process. MicroBot Push has made her daily tasks much easier and convenient to do!

What do they wish MicroBots would be able to do

MicroBot Push was recognized by our current users for its uniqueness, his easy installation and its usefulness thanks to its built-in timer especially. But they want more. With our users in mind, developing new MicroBots, features and working on new solutions for smart hubs are our next course of action for the coming months and years!

Something to add? As our users’ experience is what we value the most, we are always open and eager to hear your bitter, sweet or bitter sweet comments about our products. Communicate with us on Twitter, Facebook or via our Support team. We will always make us available to hear what you have to say or answer any questions you may have!