Initial Pitch Idea

by Cara Wong, Xin Er, Nerissa Tiong


Singapore is a cosmopolitan city with many people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Message/Intent of work: To show that Singaporeans can be pretty xenophobic in actions or words consciously (or not), and that it is rude. Purpose is to inform and make people reflect on their actions/words towards them.

Narcissism / Self-Absorption.

People these days are becoming more self absorbed. Selfies are all the rage. We look at our phone and are concerned with ourselves so much that we miss out on the better things in life.

Message/Intent of work: To show that we are very absorbed in doing our own things that we may overlook the things around us/the people around us.


Autistic people find it difficult to express themselves. This leads to them being misunderstood very easily. We may never know when we’ll meet with an autistic person, and so to prevent miscommunication/misunderstanding, it could help if we are more exposed to the world of autism.

Message/Intent of work: To educate and inform about what we don’t see in the world of autistic children.

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