ErrorParameterMismatch on Dynamics NAV Eventing.

Hey all,
This post is about events in Dynamics NAV 2016+. I was trying to subscribe to a standard event and faced an unexpected error which the publisher is running.

Error: ErrorParameterMismatch.

Then I realized that I have changed the Publisher event signature by amending the respected Subscriber event. Initially, it was ItemLedgEntry and ItemJournalLine, I changed it to ParamItemLedgEntry and ParamItemJournalLine.

Then I had to revert back in order to run the event trigger. Also, the event did not raise any error on runtime but lodged an error message on Event Subscriptions windows.

I reverted it and all worked fine.

This is the warning message which I should have considered when setting up the event on function properties.

Voila, it worked after I reverted.

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