SetData() — GetData() on SSRS Reporting on Dynamics NAV

I was wondering why would someone ever use SetData() and GetData() functions on a report until I was asked upon a very specific requirement.

Before discussing the pros, let me point out why I never wanted to use it.

  • The hidden textbox/table.
  • Defining both SetData() and GetData() functions. (VB is not my thing!!)
  • Documentation of SetData().
  • Non-readable GetData() usage.

But, hey here is the requirement.

The user must be able to see the Sales Invoice Header details repeatedly if the report has more than one page.

In order to print the repeated header values in each page, I had to use SetData() — GetData() functions. To be honest, this was the last option I had in my cards and it works.

Are you still asking me the pros? We discussed it already!

The blog post ends here, but I will post all the code for how to set up. Maybe next time my job will be lot easier.

The function definitions must be inserted into the Code section of SSRS report properties

The detailed tutorial is available on YouTube below.

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